My 1st cruise as a wheelchair user!

Well, I have just returned from a 2 night Party cruise on the Oceana. my first one using a wheelchair. I dont know what I was worried about. All the crew who helped me board the boat and disembark were so helpful and caring. We were taken straight of the boat to a waiting taxi with no hassle. Getting around on the ship was no problem, the only hassle was that the cabin door was narrow and heavy which my mum struggled a bit with. Had to fold the wheelchair, and then walk into the cabin, but it didnt really affect me much. We didnt get off the boat in Bruges because I couldnt have managed the gangway, but again no problem, we just had a good look round the ship. So to anyone thinking about a cruise, do it, you wont regret it. Lyn x

Thanks for that Lyn! I did a two week cruise in March aboard the independance of the sea’s. I did not take my wheelchair as I was not needing it at that point and waddled about on my sticks. For anybody with a disability, cruising is brilliant and I loved every min of it except the walk to the dinning room. Did you have one of the wheelchair cabins?? Would be interested to know. Also on out ship there were a great many people using scooters to bomb about on. Even going ashore… As it was I stayed on board the whole trip and made use of the spar to have massages! :lol:

We decided against an adapted cabin as we were in a group of 22 and wanted all the cabins together, but we got on ok.I think I might contact them pointing ut the difficulties we had with the door. We had to try and hold it open whilst trying to get the folded wheelchair in the room, a few blue words were uttered lol, but we had a brilliant time anyway.