Cruising with MS


my husband has secondary progressive MS, has had ms for 18 years, he’s full time in a wheelchair & needs help with every aspect of living, he is 50 next year & would love to try & take him on a cruise to see the northan lights, has anyone got experience with this as I’m not sure how things will work sorting him out physically, i.e. Transferring from chair to bed etc as he usually is hoisted

many thanks in advance

Hi, this is a passion of mine!

I’ve been on 2 mini cruises, a 3 nighter and a 5 nighter. I’m going on another 3 nighter in April.

Cruising is great for wheelies!

I book through the Disabled Cruise Club. Google them and see what they offer.

I’ve gone with P & O…Their accessible cabins are brill, with wet rooms and lots of space.

I also need hoisting for every transfer.

I hire a portable hoist, an electric profiling bed with pressure care mattress, Plus a commode/shower chair, from Mobility at Sea. Google them too.

The portable hoists aren’t easy to move but my carer is Super woman!

Hope it goes well.

Luv pollsx

There’s a company called Mobility at Sea who supply disability equipment for cruises. You can get almost anything you need from them, it’s not cheap, but then neither is a cruise. And if it’s a special trip then it’s probably worth it. My OH and me have been going on and off the idea of cruises nonstop for the last year. We think eventually we’ll do it, it’s just a case of doing as much homework as possible. There’s also a company called the Disabled Cruise Club (they have a website) who will advise you in which are the best cruise ships for your needs etc.

Theres something about reaching the age of 50 … I have 13 days to go!


With Poll on this one; P & O are great mind you probable all cruise ships have disabled facilities available. This is really the holiday for wheelchair users; if you can afford it get one with a balcony.