Help with Cruise ideas

Hi there Happy New Year everyone,

My hubby has PPMS and this year he will be 50…He would love to take a cruise to the Caribbean but as a wheelchair user we are not sure what and where to start.

Have you done the cruise thing and did you go with run of the mill travel agents or specialised for people with disabilities etc. We would love to know as every bit of know;edge is a great help.



You wanted help with cruise ideas? Heres mine....take me with you as i also have PPMS and am a full time wheelie. Your hubby and i could race each other around the decks. I dont charge for my company!!!

luv Pollx

Hi, there is a company called ENABLE HOLIDAYS that only do holidays for disabled people, and they have cruises as well.

I think they are expensive as they don’t even put prices in their brochure, saying the reason is that each holiday is planned for the individiual. Anyway it would be worth checking them out.

I think a lot of modern cruise ships are designed to be accessable so that you could get around the ship in a wheelchair. The advantage of a company like the one above is that someone has already checked it out and given it a ‘grade’ on accessability and if it has grab rails, level-access shower etc etc.

I’ll watch your post with interest as I’ve been thinking (well, dreaming) of going on a cruise myself.

Pat x

Hi Caz

I have PPMS and I went on a cruise for my 50th birthday, it was very good and staff were very helpful. What you have to check is how the ship is berthing at each stop. Some of our stops were where the ship stopped away from the dock and they used ‘tenders’ (small boats) to get the passengers ashore. ofcourse then people in wheelchairs couldn’t visit those places.

We are going on a cruise next month to the Med and we made sure that the ship was docking along side the quay. We asked for a disabled cabin because they all have accessible cabins now. When we went last time our cabin was lovely and the shower room was very accessible. Enjoy your cruise, once you’ve been on one you’ll want to do it again.

Lynne xx

I agree with Lynne, we went on a cruise for our honeymoon a couple of years ago, and I would definately recommend it for a wheelchair user, just check on berthing/docking like Lynne said. The ship we went on is no longer available in the UK,but they are all much the same, just vary in size, but beware, cruising is addictive! Go for it, you’ll love it xx

Are there any websites or travel agents you recommend?




Hi Caz.

If you do a Google search (UK).

I entered in (Ship Cruise for Disabled), there was an extensive list of companies etc, relative to disabled cruising.

Don’t know if they are any good, from one who has never been on holiday in his life, let alone a cruise.

Maybe of help.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Yippee we have now booked our 1st Caribbean Cruise and first time with our wheelchair…Keeping everything crossed it will be ok.


Hi Caz, I’m so pleased for you. I’ve finally decided to go on one. Going with my mum and sister. We’re doing the Fjords. Not booked yet but I’m dead excited.

I’m sure it will be great and you’ll have fabulous time!

Happy cruising,

Pat x

I am looking at going on a cruise next year, i have a friend who cruises every year and she also has a friend with her who has MS , she recommends cunnard and you can plan your accomodation before you go , to check the motability location of your cabin, she swears by it