Has any wheelchair user been on a cruise and if so what line and where did you go?

I don’t want to go on one where you have to dress formally for evening dinner but i also don’t want to go on one that resembles Butlins either and has loads of children aboard. Sorry i don’t mean to be controversial but have been to Butlins many times over the years and want something a bit more middle of the road so to speak!

Any help appreciated.


Hi Gill,

Trawl through speak to a Travel Planner with your requirements.

I’ve booked twice next year; no problems disabled persons cabin; hoist; toilet seat booked.


Hi, I have been on a couple of P&O cruises to the Med and the Canaries and found them great. Bonus for me was that they left from Southampton so there was no flying involved, just a train journey from Aberdeen which I found really relaxing. On the ship the disabled cabin was huge with a massive wet room. The whole ship was geared up for disabled people and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I was in my wheelchair most of the time and found getting around really easy, even getting off the ship when we were in port was well handled by the crew. As for the formal dining, we ate in the dining room most nights but as there were about 10 restaurants on the ship there were lots of choices. Even on the occasions we were in the dining room I sometimes had my jeans on. There were 4 optional formal nights during the 2 weeks and we went to a couple just to give my Kilt an airing although being a true scotsman that wasnt all that got an airing. Bottom line is go for it. It is a holiday that gives lots of options, you visit different countries and unpack once. What a boost.


Thanks George and Gary. Gary can you remember the name of the ship you stayed on please?


No problem, the first was the Oceana and the second was the Ventura. Both were excellent. On the first I had an inside cabin which was huge and on the second took a room with a balcony which was even bigger. In fact the balcony was so big we had 16 people on it one night having drinks. The disabled rooms cost no more than the standard rooms and are half as big again as the normal rooms. They even let disabled people board without joining a queue. We arrived at 12.30 and were sitting having a beer by 1. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It is a worry free 4 star holiday which leaves fantastic memories.


Thanks Gary. Did you manage trips ashore in your wheelchair. The little bit I’ve read up on says sometimes you can get ashore and others that you can’t. Don’t fancy being dropped in the briny!


For most of the trips the ship was docked so getting off was not an issue. The crew take you off on a separate exit so there is no waiting in a queue. Same coming back on. There were only a couple of trips where the ship had to stay offshore and there are boats to take you in. The crew are very used to dealing with wheelchair passengers so are well able to get you there safely. You do, however need to be able to stand up as you have to take a step. The good thing is that with both cruises I have been on there was only one port on each we were unable to berth. On one of the accasions we had to lay offshore I didn’t bother going off and found the near empty ship a relaxing peaceful place to be. As I said I couldn’t recommend a cruise highly enough.