who has cruised in a wheelchair?

With just a long and cold winter ahead, I think about my upcoming cruise in May… it passes the time…surfing various sites…


better correct my posts title....before anyone thinks Ive had paddles fitted…

Who has holidayed on cruiseliners, as a full time wheelchair user?

poll x

A lady at my MS group cruises every year with her husband, she loves it although she rarely leaves the ship when in port her husband does, she says it suits them both he can go sight seeing on land and she enjoys the sights on board. Her top tip is to book very early to get a disabled room. Our group is making tentative noises about booking group cruise, I won’t hold my breath though.

Have a fab cruise Poll I can’t wait to hear all about it. I go away in May as well, just the one place for me though.

Jan x

Going 7/11, already done NY to Southampton, no problem, in fact so much.toch less hassle than flying.

I thought you meant cruising along Blackpool front in your chair, blinged up, shades on, Buble blaring out… :smiley:

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I thought that too. :slight_smile:

Actually Poll. I went on a cruise with my mum and dad five years ago. My dad was wheelchair bound because of Emphysema. It wasn’t any trouble as me and my brother were both there and we could both manage my dad. I went on a number of holidays with my dad and things were pretty good for him. He had a lot of help mind.

The only time when we did have problems is when we went on a ferry, trying to get him from the hold to the upper decks. That wasn’t nice. We got stuck and he really lost his breath because he got very anxious but that is the only time that we had a real problem. It was great otherwise.

I would love to go on a cruise,and you will think i am mad saying this,but i have a problem with feeling drawn to water,and i can imagine me jumping overboard.i have always avoided walking over bridges over water,for the same reason ,mad arent i lol

Hope you have a lovley cruise Poll.

J x

Does the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff count ?


My old man reckon we were going abroad when we went to the Isle of Wight, so I’d say yes Jemma!!?? :wink:

We (OH & myself) were seriously considering going on a cruise. We were talking to a person from firstly about a Scandinavia cruise for the Spring, then when we considered it’s probably very cold and rainy, the Mediterranean. The good thing is the company look at what you want and make recommendations based on what you want. They also liaise with on your behalf to hire in all the mobility aids you need, from shower chairs to hoists etc.

We were put off by the fact that there are some ports where a w/chair user can’t get off the ship, and often even if you can disembark, you can’t go on any excursions. Eventually we thought about transatlantic cruises, but not wanting the formality of Cunard, left us with little options. Plus, we’d have to fly home which puts the costs up and of course we’d end up staying in the US etc etc.

Ultimately, it was the thought of being in a floating ‘resort’ with 3000 + other people put us off. We have gone back to plan A for holidays, finding decent, properly accessible and adapted hotels in nice places where we can get out of the hotel a bit. It seems we might be stuck with going back to Malta again. Life is so hard!!

Good luck with finding the right cruise for you Poll, I’m sure that it exists, just as I’m sure that we’ll change our minds again and one day will find ourselves on a great big ship sailing the ocean waves!


Thanks Jan. I like the sound of your friends arrangements. Im curious to know where that place is that you like to go?


Oh Maude! How lovely! You lucky girl. Tell me where and who with and I`ll look it up. Makes me excited even more!


I do that as well…but not Blackers this year…giving a new disabled friendly hotel in Llandudno a try in June.


Hi, thanks for your reply chuck.

Glad your dad enjoyed it and had you to look after him…apart from the ferry jaunt. I`ve checked ferries out and they dont cater for all my needs.


we could always have you wear a buoyancy aid all the time…and we must keep you away from bridges, unless you have some wings fitted…but that`s in another century!!!


not sure! overnight and sea days only I guess…but thanks all the same for taking an interest kid!


IOW is abroad…cos you cant walk there, eh?


Hiya and thanks for your reply and best wishes.

We have booked a 4 day cruise…16th May. It`s a P & O, on the Aurora. It goes from Southampton ( a chuffing long trek for me from Bradford on an accessible coach…Eavesway). It is through the Disabled Cruise Club. We have a balcony cabin and all my kit (profiling bed/mattress, shower chair/commode and portable hoist) will be hired from Mobility at Sea.

It goes to Zeebrugge and Guernsey. I know what you mean about not being abe to get off the ship at some ports, if a tender is used or vey high tides are happening.

I feel I am pushing myself a lot to do this, but I really want to cruise!

luv Pollxx

Canary Islands and Madeira with Cunard Poll, the original reply was meant to say so much less hassle than flying!,just need to geet my hair cut and get some clothes, shame you can’t get hair cut on line! lol

Alison x