ahoy there shipmates!!!

Well, we got back yesterday afternoon, after my truly wonderful, splendiferos, amazing, gorgeous mini cruise!!!

Oh, I just cant say enough how superb it was…the magnificent ship…the food…the balcony stateroom, the shows, the crew, the eye candy…oh yes, the male eye candy!!!

As an older woman in a wheelchair, I can get away with a bit of naughtiness! I spoke to a beautiful young officer in full uniform and asked, Can you tell us where Alexandrias restaurant is please?He told us and I saidWhats your name?

He replied James, Madam. I said Oh youre lovley! Will you come with us?`

He said, Id love to Madam, but Im afraid I cant`. Oooooooooo!

Then there was a young Jonny Depp-ish , spanish photographer, who I spoke a bit of lingo with and had a laugh!

There was very little rocking, but when it happened it was hilarious as people set off one way and went the other!! My chair set off on it`s own…

The weather was beautiful. We didnt get off the ship, as the chair Id hired wasnt comfortable and my left leg kept jumping out of it! And it wasnt spasaming!!

Bruges was missed, but maybe another time and another chair!

Guernsey was only visited by tender, so that was me out. Never mind we sailed around the islands and it was spectacular!

We hit the shops and also enjoyed some mocktails.

Cruising is highly recommended by yours truly!

P & O Aurora will always be special to me, as my first cruise ship.



Fandabby doozey Poll - Sounds wonderful - So glad you had such a wonderful cruise.

Where to next? - l bet you are already looking through the brochures.

So glad to read you’ve had a wonderful time. How lovely for you to close your eyes and visualise it all again, when trying to drift off to sleep at night! Bet you’re already flicking through brochures.

Oh Poll. Sounds like you had a fandabbydosy time.

I can just imagine you in your blinged up wheelie lol!!

Nice to have you back.

Shazzie xx


glad u had a great time!

ellie x

Dearest Pollywollydoodah

As you know, I’m very glad you didn’t mutiny and seize control of the ship in order to besiege Rome in your spike wheeled chariot.

I’m also very happy my friend is back home in one piece having had the most splendid time ogling young men and trying to entice them away with you.

We’ll maybe one day follow your lead and take to the high seas; after all, where Boudica leads, we all shall follow.

Love Sue xx


Brilliant news

Glad you had such a fantastic time!!


lovely to hear that you have such a good time.


nice one, glad you had a good time


Excellent - glad you had a good time!

That’s a really lovely story Polly. Good for you and thanks for sharimg. :slight_smile:

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So pleased you enjoyed it. Me and my OH have considered a mini cruise as I am in a wheelchair and think it would be accessible and enjoyable for both of us. Are the bathrooms in the cabins suitable for disabled people though ?

is the Aurora are a small ship as I don’t fancy a big ship.

Glad your back safe as have missed your posts.

Polly xx


Sounds brilliant.

I need a hoist to get me in and out of my chair.

How are the disabled/wheelchair facilites on board.


Its so nice to hear you had a lovely time Poll. Other holiday resorts take note and cater for wheelchair and disabled users.

Its a bit different from Blackpool Poll so - where to next?

Take care my lovely

JBK xx


I’m so pleased you had a lovely time xx

Oh what a cheerful post…good on you Poll so glad you enjoyed yourself.


Sounds like you had a ball, really glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been thinking about a cruise holiday for a while now. Your post helps me think aye, I think I will go on one x

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Hi, you have to book an accessible cabin. I used the Disabled Cruise club…Kay is the specialist… lovley helpful lady.

The wetrooms are fine.

Aurora is a big ship…1,800 passengers. If you have walking problem, you need wheelie.

There are bigger and smaller ships. Check the passenger numbers. Our`s was sold out but didnt feel crowded.

Get it booked!


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Hi, I also need a hoist. What I did was hire the following from Mobility at Sea, in Southampton;

profiling bed and pressure care mattress

Shower/commode chair

portable hoist

They deliver, set up and collect from your cabin.

Costs around £350.

The ship is all kitted for us!


ps I should be on comission!

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