No energy for sex?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I was just wondering, (I’m conscience that this is an extremely personal matter) if having very little energy for sex has become an issue for anyone in their relationship? My boyfriend is really understanding and never pushes when I explain I’m tired etc but I feel like I’m letting him down and it’s getting to the point, he doesn’t mention or initiate sex anymore. Fatigue is a major issue and unfortunately, I just don’t have the energy I used to :frowning: I’m looking for anyone to share their experience (male or female!) if they are in the same boat or any hints and tips would be appreciated too!



Well done for your openness and honesty Jennifer.I suggest a visit to your GP and a call to your MS Nurse, if you have one, to see if they can help with the fatigue.Are you knocked about by the heat and humidity or has anything changed which might be affecting you?

I understand the bit about himself being concerned about you and not ‘trying it on’. As a suggestiion if you do get a chance to mitigate the fatigue and the time is right, dress accordingly. You girls have your little tricks.Your bloke sounds like he is very caring,so try and explain things to him.We had ways and means of raising the dead when there was the need,and with thought,there would be a satisfactory conclusion for all parties

Because you’re honest enough to come on here for advice you should be able to get a good outcome.

Good lock, Wb

morning, I’m sorry to hear that the fatigue is affecting you’re life, I think for most of us here that’s the case, I know it is for me, and it’s very sad when it starts to affect our sex lifes, I agree with Wb, speak to you’re GP/MS nurse about the meds for fatigue, try them and hope fully you can tolerate them, not for me I’m afraid, I think the only advise I can give, is try not to think to much about the sex side of things, you are only putting pressure on yourself and you’re partner, lay together, have a kiss and a cuddle, touch each other, just relax, it doesn’t have to go any further if you’re tired, but a least there is some contact between the two of you, any hey you never know, I’ve been with my hubby for 35yrs, and this still works for us, you just have to show him that you still love him, are still attracted to him, rest as much as you can, so that when there is time for the two of you, you may not feel too bad, take good care, and good luck, Jean x