Fatigue how to cope

Hi everyone, I slept a lot yesterday,and am feeling extremely tired today I have ms.Has anyone got any ideas how to deal with fatigue.I feel just lately it is overtaking my life I have no energy. Thanks

Hi Anon,

Sorry to hear that you are suffering badly with fatigue. It could be the drugs you are taking that is contributing to you feeling tired, that is if you are taking any. Other than that the way I cope with fatigue is to do a little, have a break, do a little more, take another break. Come the afternoon I’m done in and have a sleep and when I wake I feel much better. You don’t say if you have rrms but if you have then maybe you are having a relapse that’s making you so tired. Have a chat to your ms nurse or gp and maybe they can help you. Hope that helps. Take care.



Hi anon

There’s a couple drugs you can get for fatigue that may help - modifinil and amantadine - so speak to your MS nurse or GP about them. As Janet says, taking regular breaks is good, as is finding things to do that ‘energise’ you - I know when I’m shattered it can be easy to think I haven’t got the energy to do anything other watch telly. But I know that just watching mindless telly leaves me even more tired and I feel dis-satisfied. If I’m able to do something like writing, or simply sitting by the window watching the clouds or the birds flying, I’ll feel much more satisfied. Another thing we do in our house too is to always cook a double portion, so we can have the leftovers the next day & not have to cook.And sometimes we’ll cook a massive chilli or curry or something and then freeze portions for an easy meal when we’re too tired.