Omg, fatigue is horrific. Is this classed as a relapse? The tiredness is awful, no energy.

As you know, not on medication as we don’t get it in Wales! Yep it’s bad I know.

What do you suggest for fatigue? X

hi rachy

basically you have to rest much more than you would before you had ms.

pace yourself, break your jobs down into 15 minute bursts then rest a little.

you’re not alone in hating fatigue.

i think it is the most disabling symptom of all.

let your family and friends know how it hits you suddenly and hard.

if they offer help, accept it because you need it.

a friend had bought tickets to see the hairy bikers at a local theatre and came to pick me up as a surprise.

whilst i was chuffed to be offered an unexpected night out, i was mortified to fall asleep halfway through.

luckily she understood and it wasn’t an issue.

fatigue wouldn’t be classed as a relapse but let your ms nurse know that you are struggling with it.

there are medications for fatigue but amantadine, the one most commonly offered, did nothing for me.

there are others - provigil and i can’t remember the name of the other. but these are more difficult to get prescribed.

now i’m going to use a phrase that you will see often on this forum “BE KIND TO YOURSELF”

carole x

Hi Rachy, embrace the nana-nap. Fatigue is horrible and can’t be seen really, other than you just slump but it’s oh so real. Other people don’t always get it.

Pigpen is right be kind to yourself and learn to prioritise. Basically the boring things, housework etc, aren’t as important as getting something you want done. Of course you might be a clean freak, so just do what’s important to you, and try not to worry about the other stuff.

every now and again, I have one of those fitness drinks like lucozade, and because I don’t normally drink pop, I feel a bit of energy, but this of course might all be in my mind…I think a little treat always helps. More carrot then stick…I’m waffling, have a nice day xx

Hi Rachy

Fatigue is horrible and four me hard to accept, I’ve had Ms four four years now and only really just getting to grips with it now.

Fatigue is my worst symptom and although I don’t have any visible sighns I sure know I have it. I now have decided to leave most of the housework and concentrate on small things, ie doing the washing,emptying the dishwasher, and keeping everything tidy.

ironing I do but only 4 pieces at a time, do you have any indication of the fatigue creeping in as you are doing things? If so stop what your doing and rest a while say 15 mins then carry on with what your doing,of course you may not have these sort of chores to do, if not just standing around chatting is tiring in its self.

Amentadine didn’t help me either it just made me feel weired.

Ann x