A working mum and fatigue

Hi all, I am looking for a bit of advice and hope someone can help.

I’ve been recently diagnosed, which I am handling ok so far I think. My last relapse was October which took me a few months to physically get over. To be honest, apart from a few sensory symptoms left over, I have felt ok since and kind of expected it to be another few years at least until I had any more problems. In hindsight, I was probably a bit naive to think that.

This last week, I have become increasingly more fatigued, both physically and mentally. I initially tried to work through it, I am a busy working mum of two but I am now currently off sick feeling just too fatigued and bone weary to do anything. My husband has been supportive.

I feel guilty about letting my employer down, I don’t like to be a drain on anyone, on my boss, colleagues and family. Just wondering how other people in the same situation handle it? Do you need to put yourself first?

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: I’m afraid that, yes, for most of the time you do have to put yourself first. Learning to say, “No” and to ask for help are two crucial changes for any MSer who suffers from fatigue. If you’ve been used to being the kind of person who takes on anything and hits every deadline then it can be a really hard transition, but it’s essential because this is not the kind of fatigue that forgives :frowning: There are two meds currently used for fatigue: amantadine and modafinil. Neither work for everyone and they certainly do not change the need to do things differently, even when they do work. Other things that can help with fatigue are exercise and CBT. Both the MSS and the MS Trust do booklets on fatigue, so you might find some good ideas in them. One thing to remember: we need to stop BEFORE we get tired if possible. Fatigue kicking in isn’t a sign that we should stop now, it’s a sign that we should have stopped ages ago! It is also possible to have a fatigue-only relapse. So, if your current fatigue is not the outcome of you having tried to do too much (in which case it should ease with rest), it may be a relapse. I should warn you that not all neuros will agree with the fatigue relapse as it’s only recently been proposed (a lot of MSers have thought it for yonks though). Either way, the best thing you can do, in my opinion, is take sick leave and rest as much as possible. I hope the worst of it passes soon. Karen x

Thank you Karen. Your message was really helpful. Have taken a few days and feeling much improved and in a better frame of mind. I will check out the booklets.