Can anyone help? I have had MS now for 8 years and suffering terrible fatigue. I still work full time and by the end of working day i am feeling shattered. Is there any drugs out there that anyone has tried to help with fatigue and that i can speak with my ms nurse about !

the standard one is amantadine.

it does bugger all.

modafinil is not allowed but looks better!

sorry but unless you know a dodgy dealer who can get you some speed, you just have to live with it.

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The heat doesn’t help!


Pour a little oil into a pan and heat it 'til it sets your smoke alarm off.

It worked on my wife this morning. And she hasn’t sat still since.


[quote=“albrecht durer”]

Pour a little oil into a pan and heat it 'til it sets your smoke alarm off.

It worked on my wife this morning. And she hasn’t sat still since.


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Had I done that my wife would of clattered me over the head with the pan

Fatigue is a problem for us all have a rest now and then and don’t over do it in this heat.


Contrary to what Carole said, it is possible to get Modafinil, but it will depend on whether your neuro is willing to prescribe it. Mine is, and I was on it for a couple years. It is great (though it doesn’t work all that time). The main thing I found is that it helped with my ability to concentrate, more than physical fatigue. I stopped taking it though as it raised my blood pressure a lot, and it becomes less effective over time.

Other things that could help are lifestyle changes. Pacing yourself, or things like cooking big meals so you can have leftovers for a couple days, instead of cooking every day. Diet can make a difference too - I find things made from white flour (bread & pasta) tire me out, and also fatty meats.

It might be worth speaking to your employer/HR department too, to see if there are any little changes that can be made to make your day easier (if I work for fours straight at my computer I’ll really flag, so regular little breaks away from the screen help me).


In fairness to Carole, Modafinil is now only indicated for nacrolepsy.

So, as he_funk writes your GP could prescribe it - off-label.

Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to come across as critical of Carole, that’s just my inability to think of how else to say it is possible to get it



B12 /B2 Vitd3 10,000ius and Magnesium Malate Thiamine Biotin will have you full of energy.

Thank you all for your comments …

Hello Sarah

I have had Modafinil also called Provigil from the diagnosis in 2003 on (2 x 100mg/day). I was originally given the diagnosis of RR, which I had changed into SPMS a few years later, based upon a medical history of before I emigrated to the UK in 1995.

My word, you still work full time?? No wonder you suffer terrible fatigue! Speak to your MS nurse as soon as you can, and mention the drugs I mentioned above. Push it! as I understand that the supply of this drug for MS fatigue has become an issue in certain areas, this due to the cost of it!

Shall I be honest? Does it work? I have used it now for that long, that I simply do not know anymore if it is still as effective as it probably was in the very beginning… (although I seem to think that it does!).

As I said, try to get hold of it (mention the fact that the fatigue is becoming more and more overpowering) and if you do, let me/us know if it really changes things for you (but give it some time before deciding if it actually does change things for the better).

Good luck!

l watched Doctor in the House - BBC series. And a young man who had suffered 20yrs of fatigue - numerous tests done at hospital etc - and it was found that he was seriously low in B12/ and other B Vits and Folate. Once he started a supplement it took only a few days for him to feel ‘alive’.

He was even diagnosed as having a TIA when he was 20 - and no it was as simple as B 12.

just off to take mine now -