No DLA for me!

Morning all, having been advised by the ms nurse to apply for DLA got a letter today to say I have no need for help with mobility or care and therefore not entitled. Tell that to my poor 9 year old who has had to learn to cook! Oh well, soldier on! Chis


You can appeal even ask for a verbal explanation.

Have you looked at the Benifit and Work site.

Google it.

It is £20 to join but it is worth it.

The main thing is it explains the questions which are ambiguace and confusing.

tells you how to go about answering the questions and how to gather evidence.


Hi Chris, was about to reply with exactly same advice as Ronin has given you. Appeal using the advice on Benefits and Work website.

I was refused at first but joining Benefits and Work got me DLA.

LOTS of people get turned down at first but then get an award on appeal… but you have to do it properly and you can’t beat joining Benefits and Work.

Pat x

Hi Chis

Yes I reiterate the advice above APPEAL.

Ronin and Pat have given good advice.

I got DIAL to help me complete my forms.

Hope this gives you the encouragement to appeal.

(((Hugs))) Mary

Morning Chis,

Sounds worth an appeal?

I must admit, I’ve never bothered applying, because of my absolute conviction I won’t get anything. My medical notes always make a point of how well I’m doing - which I know I should be delighted about - but the downside is that nobody reading them would be persuaded I have any issues to speak of. I can walk 3 miles without a stick, so definitely no mobility entitlement, and although pain and tiredness limit my domestic activities, I’d find it very hard to prove conclusively I CAN’T cook. True, I choose not to: I buy everything ready-prepared, and zap it in the microwave, which is NOT cooking.

But I don’t have any absolute limitation, such as being unable to stand, use utensils etc. I just find it easier not to. When does “rather not” become “can’t”? I’m not sure there’s a clear dividing line. I certainly couldn’t cook meat and two veg every evening; I’d be exhausted!

I could probably manage it a couple of times a week, but would still prefer not to.

But that’s not literally “can’t”, is it?

However, if you have had to teach your nine-year-old to do the cooking, I assume you face much more tangible barriers than me?


Thank you all for your support, Mary, Pat and Ronin, don’t think I have the energy to appeal but thank you for your kindness. Tina, I’m so pleased that you can suit yourself. I don’t have that luxury, nor do I want it. I have brilliant kids who are mature beyond their years of 8 and 9. They would not ping a microwave meal even if their mum would choose to afford it. Which I can’t and wouldn’t. I’m glad that you can differentiate the difference between can’t and choose not to. I would just ask that you choose not to be judgemental of those of us who are trying our best and keeping our moods up, supporting others as best we can without coming across as self centred egotists who only have ourselves to worry about. My hands hurt so much that I can not lift a pan off the stove and I walk like a constipated dinosaur. That aside I have no disability! Good luck and best wishes to you all, Chis


Contact DIAL who will come around your house and help with the forms. You definitely sound like you need some financial help and unfortunately it sounds like your GP and Neurologist are being plonkers.

Any DLA awarded goes back to when you asked for the forms. If you do not appeal you loose all that which could add up to £2000.

It is vital that form is completed fully and correctly DIAL will help.

Good luck


Just to add weight to the calls to appeal, I was told that if you need help cooking a meal then that’s enough to mean you qualify for the lower rate care component. I can’t remember who told me that, but you should definitely appeal, and use any assistance you can get to complete the forms. If it helps as well, I was told by my MS nurse to fill out the forms as if I was on my worst day.

Good luck


Sorry Tina, I’m foul tempered at the moment and probably should stay away from the keyboard. Feeling rubbish, kids broken up from school, a little cold turned into major relapse and feeling generally peed off when I got the letter to say I had nothing wrong with me according to DWP. I didn’t really expect to get DLA, I think it’s the timing of the whole thing. You have helped me lots in the past and I really shouldn’t have posted what I did, afraid you got the brunt of how I’m feeling. Hope the job hunting is going ok, Chis

Hi Chris

Do apply again and make a copy of all you say, they are sneaky and ask the same questions in different terms every few pages. As you have been told already try DIAL they are very good or CAB can help too.

Good luck


Hi Chis.

That’s rotten news and I do hope you will appeal. An awful lot of MSers get rejected on their first attempt.

The benefitsandwork website is excellent - worth the money!

Karen x