No appetite

I had a water infection approx 3 weeks ago, which totally wiped me out. One evening I could not get off floor or even crawl to the chair. Anyway I took medication and the last sample is clear.

But I don’t seem to have any appetite now, and just eat as I know I should do.

does anyone else feel like this? Is it the effect of infection or just MS.

Jackie x

I’ve been off my food for a long time which is a shame as I love cooking and teaching my daughter how to cook. Maybe it is an MS thing, who knows!


I love cooking, but only eat because I know I should. I only cook as children need food. I have no appetite.

My Mother lost her appetite as a side effect of the medication she was on at the time.

As soon as she no longer needed the medication and stopped taking it, her appetite started to come back. (…Had us worried for a while, that’s for sure )

Could a side-effect of medication be the cause in these cases ??



i have no appetite at all. i couldnt swallow for a few weeks had no taste at all.

i have a constant battle with food-its a nightmare. i spend several hours a month lying on loo floor cos i cant move.

on the plus side i have lost 5+ stone and have never had a uti.

nothing surprises me with this ms malarkey anymore!

hope ur appetite returns, ellie