Can’t eat

Hello everybody,

This will probably seem a strange topic, but I have completely lost my appetite and cannot eat anything. I didn’t worry much at first but it’s been more than 2 months now and I have lost what little strength I had in my legs. I have lost 2 stone and can only transfer using a rotunda and the help of 2 carers. I still drink plenty of fluids so am not dehydrated. I cannot taste anything now especially savoury food. It’s beginning to worry me. All feedback gratefully received.

Thank you


you need to get some nourishment in you.

it is well known that being ill kills your appetite.

try complan, it looks bland and it is but that may be the way to start eating again.

i have a dry mouth and that affects my sense of taste.

Hello Jackie,

I had what you’re describing once I think. I just lost my sense of taste completely. It was very strange but definitely caused by the MS. It makes eating a very odd experience.

I don’t really know what to advise apart from, chose foods with a pleasing texture and for goodness sake, eat something to literally keep your strength up. Your sense of taste will hopefully come back but in the mean time, why not experiment with really strong curries and impress your friends and carers!! Seriously, I understand what you’re going through, but please, keep eating, you may find that you dislike some of your previously favourite foods and discover others you didn’t used to like!

Take care,

RL :slight_smile:

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Hello Jackie. Can you contact your local district nurses through your GP? Mine are fantastic. Don’t fret alone. Steve.

I would be worried if i didn’t eat and lost so much weight. have your carers not noticed you not eating? what about family. If your sedantary you may not feel hungry, so you need to start slow with small amounts. If you have a meal plonked in front of you your brain may reject it, or you could without thinking about it be wanting not to eat. the mind can play marvellous tricks. You need to see you GP or MS nurse asap. I would just start eating some soups go for the stronger tasting ones, or odd a bit of spice in them. Are you on steroids or anything as some meds can destroy your taste buds.

either way you need to eat something even if you cant really taste it i cant taste water but i still drink it straight.

Please seek advice from a professional. this is obviously not healthy. xxxx

I had a relapse years ago where my appetite was badly affected.I lost over 3 stone as i just did not want to eat at all.I had to force myself to eat toast or cereal every day.It gradually came back though but it took about 9 months or so.