Nightmare and overheating?

Well since i moved i got hit with the local cold virus, thanks to my daughter and care worker. Jeez not had one for over 15 years lol. I felt such a baby. i did have a slightly raised temp for a few days and we all know how that effects us, but now got the cough everyone else seems to have but 3 days no more temp so getting there.

As i said on another post moving into sheltered i love it but my big issue is the dreaded HEAT. Its dry and dryer in here. The pipes are on all the time even if you turn the radiators off. Its really affecting my MS. I have windows open, and bought humidifiers, and there are bottles of water everywhere.

Since i moved here, 3 times now i have woken up with really bad nightmares. I end up feeling really confused and not sure what is going on and they scare me. This morning again the same, i feel scared and dread and dont know what to do with myself.

But i cant remember what it was all about.

Can overheating cause nightmares?

I have a stupid pipe right behind my bed, i am going to see if we can have it lagged. the windows are open and its still warm and dry. visitors think i have the heating on.

Any advise. I am dreading going to bed now. I know it sounds silly but i feel rotten really out of sorts, with burning legs, a cold from hell, coughing, and now nightmares remind me why did i move into this flat. LOL.

I am back in summer nightwear lol in my house i was wrapped up like an eskimo but so much healthier lol. .


Have you talked to your neighbours about the pipes problem? They surely must have the same trouble? It sounds really iffy, pipes so hot you’re overheating and having to have windows open all the time. What on earth will you do in the summer? I assume the pipes also heat up for water heating?

It seems so unfair, all your angst about the move; the wonderful, safe, comfortable, secure, ‘right’ place for you and now this issue.

I really do feel for you.


Hi CC.

There must surely be a manager or maintenance person who can help you with this. I’d consider it a H and S issue myself. Apart from the risk of you or someone else getting a skin burn, surely the unadjustable temperature is possibly going to play havoc with the ms?

Hi sue yes i spoke to them they are all too hot. when i let lucy out for a pee and go past the complex everyone has windows open.

Its the feeder pipe for the hot water. WELL WE CRACKED IT. My friend Paul the builder came and lagged the pipes behind my bed. I went to bed last night and the room was COLD lol…and my hot water in the bathroom yayyyyyyyyyy HOT as the heat wasnt escaping out into my room.

I slept brilliantly better then my house. I went from 7.30, to 12am took my tablets as my legs were tingling like mad, next thing i knew it was 5AM. Never slept like that, and my cough didnt wake me up, as my nasal passages were not being assaulted by dry air.

so its a simple solution which the council could deal with. but they wont 37 flats lagged no chance. the rest of the flat isnt so bad its just this one main pipe which comes in from the bathroom.

Its LUSH. even the dog slept better and i found her finally cuddling up to me because she was cold.

thanks guys. i have my new humidifier on yesterday which also helped.

when i finally get well enough i shall talk to the residents and see if we cant make a petition to have them lagged when they run on blank walls with no radiators.

SIMPLE solution cost me 15.00 in materials.

One guy who moved because his wife is poorly said he has been here a year and constantly ill because of the heat. so its obviously an issue.

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Great news, so pleased you have the problem sorted. I’m the other way at the moment my boiler broke down I’m getting a new one fitted on Friday. In the mean time I’m relying on a hot air heater, still i do function better when I’m cold than when I’m hot.

Jan x

BRILLIANT NEWS. I’m so pleased for you. And Lucy too. It will soon feel just like the home you’ve always wanted and needed. Hot water, warmth when needed, and not when you don’t.



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Brrrrr. I need both heat and cold at different times. I hope your new boiler runs perfectly and you can stay at the optimal temperature.



Its all about balance isnt it? We need some warmth but we dont need to be freezing our butts off either. I am glad you will get a new boiler tomorrow.

It snowed here yesterday it was lovely so i went and stood outside lush. I just hate dry heat. suppose not used to it, as my large 3 bedroom house, i never had the heating on in my bedroom, I know nuts or what lol, but i just cant do dry heat.

Hope your boiler is sorted Jan.

I too function so much better when i am cold. xxx

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Thanks Chick and Sue. I’m managing just fine, we are so spoilt these days I remember the days when the inside of the windows froze up! I much prefer to be cold I don’t know how you’ve managed with too much heat.

Jan x

And I spose partly its getting used to a new, smaller place. Takes a while to re-adjust on warmth, what you wear, how you dry the washing and all that stuff. Good call on getting the pipes sorted. Yeah, bother the landlord or building manager who ever.

Try LEAP our local carers centre had a referral to this. Bloke came out and went thru things you can do to lower your bills. maybe they can intercede with landlord cuz it sound s a very inefficient system at the mo. For them as well as you

hiya cc

so glad u have found a solution!