Hi all and I guess I'm not alone in not

looking forward to the middle of the week where the temperature is supposed to be 33 degrees in London where I live.

This is my first summer since my RRMS diagnosis at the beginning of the year. I’m on Tecfidera which gives you weird flushes, but they have almost gone (nearly on week 16) and it’s as if my body thermostat has gone mad and I keep feeling really hot. I saw my MS nurse last week for a blood test, and I asked her, and she said it’s because of the Tec, but it’s driving me crackers, even today when the temperature is cooler. I’ve gone back through the very helpful threads, and I realise that it’s an MS thing and that lots of people (like me) feel worse in hot humid weather, but - just wanted to vent!

Have fans, a cooling aerosol and ice at the ready, but…just grrrrr!

Back to my fantasy of a short holiday to somewhere really cold at this time of year!

Louise xx

I’m not looking forward to it either Louise, and worst still, I’m off work on holiday this week so I don’t even get four hours respite in my air conditioned office every day!

They’re also warning that it will be humid and that’s just the worst thing for me. So I guess it’ll be a wasted week just flopping about trying to find the coolest place in the house/garden.

Never mind… could be worse…



get air conditioning put in at home, seems extreme, ugly unit - but it has made a massive difference to my life


a simple dehumidifier can help maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.

they are heavy but portable. you should leave windows closed though of course.

i bought a portable air con unit from argos,last year ,its the best £250 i have ever spent,so that will be on until the himid weather goes away.

J x