Temperature issues

Hi folks, hoping someone can help me. I’m very new to all of this. I was wondering if its normal to run a constant low grade temperature with MS? Every time I take my temp, its between 37.5 - 38.3c max. I put the fan on but then I feel freezing even though logically I have a temp and need to reduce it. I’m just not sure what’s going on and would be grateful to know if this is normal? Thanks so much.

i told my neuro before i was diagnosed that my internal thermostat was on the blink. it still is. i hate this freezing cold weather but i hated the heatwave too. my body doesn’t cope with extremes. if i get too warm it takes ages to cool down, then i am immediately too warm again. wear lots of layers and always have a beanie hat in your pocket. warm gloves because the hand that holds my walking stick gets very cold. i don’t have a thermometer so have no idea what my temperature is. our central heating boiler is due for a service and someone is coming out to it tomorrow. if only our bodies could have a service!