Hi everyone .

I am a newbie to all this so just wanted to introduce myself .I am 55yrs old and live in scotland was diagnosed in 2009 with rrms it all started with optic neurits but my neuro thinks i have had it for quite a few years prior to 2009.I am currently on Rebif but might be going on Gilenya as the antibodies in my blood are changeing which means rebif is not doing its job as well.I hope my spelling is correct sometimes not good.I am very glad i have finally joined the forum after some time and to be able to speak to other people with ms and have the same problems.My husband is a great listener but its not the same as speaking to other people with ms.


Hi Anne Nice to meet you !! Xx

Hi and welcome…


Hellooooooooo :slight_smile: Welcome aboard! Karen x

Hi everyone

What a welcome it is nice to know i have a lot of new friends out there.


Hi Anne Welcome :slight_smile: Sue x

Hi Anne, I want to welcome you to the site too.

I`ve been lurking around for a few years and actually dont have MS anymore!!!

Ha…dont be fooled into thinking I`ve found a cure…if only…no, after being diagnosed with PPMS for some time, I was told last year that I dont have it afterall…but I have a magical condition called Idiopathic Spastic Paraparesis.

I still love to talk to my buddies, old and new, here most days.

luv Pollx

Hi Annie

Just wanted to say welcome. Hope you find this brilliant site as useful as I have over the years.

Take care.

Shazzie xxxx

Hi Anne,

Welcome to the MS sanctuary - keeps some of us sane!!

So many people to give support, don’t know what I’d do without it!

Keep well,

Jen x