New symptom is it MS?

Hi all it seems a long time since I posted on this site, hope everyone is ok or should I say okish. On fri my lower back started hurting, by sat morning it took me 5 mins to get out of bed. Since them I have experienced some strange feelings in my legs a bit like electric shocks. It has eased a bit today but am walking a bit strangely right leg seems to be dragging a bit. MS or just a twingy back just not sure. Does it sound familiar to anyone ? Thanks Karen

Yes sounds familiar to me, but again same as you was never sure if it was MS or back problem, more recently noticed it flares up with stress and heat so for me I think probably MS related but maybe best to get it checked out incase, electric shocks sounds like sciatica? Hope it imrpoves soon, - J.M

I suffer quite badly with lower back pain. It usually starts with a tweek doing something simple – like putting my knickers on!!!
The shooting pains in your legs are probably as Jess suggests to do with aggravation of the sciatic nerve.

Although not exactly an MS symptom my back pain seems to be exacerbated by poor core stability so I have been working on this with the physio.
When it is really acute I have found the only thing that gives me any relief is a visit to the chiropractor.


Thank you for your replies a chiropractor sounds a good idea Karenx

Hi Karen. Just spent 3 wks in hospital with muscle spasms in lower back. Irritated sciatic nerve. Still not walking properly so am using zimmer or wheelchair. On tizanadine now. Was on diazepam too whilst in hospital. Had MRI of lumbar area and nothing mechanically wrong. Had iv steroids too as neuro classing this as a relapse cos also had optic neuritis tc H x

Hi Heather, lovely to hear from you, I must admit I haven’t been coming on here as much as I used to before they changed the site. Sorry to hear you have been in hospital hope you feel better soon. We’re the spasms related to your ms? I feel a lot better today but I was in a lot of pain over the weekend it is so easy to blame everything on ms but I haven’t experienced anything like this before. You take care and keep smiling if you can xx

Hi everyone I’m after some advice. I had viral meningitis 3 years ago and since have had a stiff neck and back. In the last few weeks iv noticed it more so but also have been struggling to concentrate and having strange sensations like pins and needles to legs and the feeling of bugs on my legs? Iv had problems fully emptying my bladder and also tripping over mysel. All these symptoms are not alway constant. Could they be related to the meningitis or should I get checked out? Thank u for reading

Hi Hannah

We can’t give you any definitive medical advice, all we can offer is opinions. So I think get it checked out. See your GP in the first instance. They’ll be able to give you a more meaningful answer.

All the best.


Hi guys, I am new to this site. Since the beginning of April this year. I started with left arm numb and tingly. Within two days my left foot was the same way. My fam doc sent me right from her office to see a neurologist. I have had mri on my brain and spine also had evoked potentials test which all came back negative. I was told by neurologist that I have a lazy ulnar nerve in my left arm. I have been off work for almost 4 months now not allowed to drive. Not getting any answers and it’s driving me crazy hanging in limbo. They suspect ms but can’t back it with anything. I have been having insane headaches that make me feel hazy. I can’t run and play with my 3 boys cuz when I run it’s like I can’t feel the ground under left side is very weak can’t I have and little limp in my walk now it’s like my leg is sleeping while I am walking on it. I can’t open bottles that my 8 year old can open. Very forgetful, I have lots of muscle twitches counted 45 in my left upper arm three days ago. My left hand is very shaky. I can be just sitting and all of a sudden see stars. Not sure what is going on but would be great to have some feedback on whether these are ms symptoms or if I am way off.


If you’ve had brain and spine MRIs and there were no demyelinating lesions, the neurologist couldn’t diagnose MS. They use the McDonald Criteria for diagnosis. See for the detail.

Are you continuing to be seen by the neurologist?

When you say they suspect MS, is that your GP or the neurologist who suspect it could still be MS?

It could be something else that has similar symptoms to MS. There are many other things which could cause these symptoms. I suggest you speak to the neurologist and find out what else it could be.

Best of luck. I hope you get some answers soon.


The neurologist suspected ms. From the way his nurse was talking this morning on the phone he is closing my case. I am not happy with this neurologist at all. He only saw me once . Never wanted to hear how I was feeling told me I was sent to him for tingling. He didn’t want to hear about headaches or anything else. I am at a loss not sure what else to do. I have always been a healthy person never had to deal with doctors. I have asked for over a month for a new neurologist without any luck. Told my fam doc and the neurologist she has me seeing I want a another opinion and I don’t even get phone calls back from either one.

Why not write to him? Explain what you are experiencing and ask that he continue to investigate.

It does sound as though MS is unlikely, however much he suspected it at the outset. With negative MRI and Evoked Potentials tests, he has no choice but to discount MS. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t experiencing neurological symptoms that you need to find an answer to.

See if he will continue to see you while investigating these symptoms?


Hiya. I’m new to this group. I’m waiting to see a neurologist about a potential MS diagnosis. I’ve started with little muscle twitches every now and again. Could this be related to MS? Or could it be anxiety? Or both? I’m worried about it all to be honest and my heads all over the place.


Welcome to the forum.

You’ve just joined an old thread, but you might be better off starting a new one altogether, perhaps in the newly/un-diagnosed section of the forum.

The trouble with MS is that a) we are all quite different so you might experience symptoms that not many others do, and b) very many MS symptoms also crop up in other disorders. So what you are experiencing might be part of MS, or maybe not.

All you can do is keep notes on your symptoms to discuss with the neurologist when you see him/her.

Best of luck.


There muscle spasms I get them a lot. Your foot dragging is a classic sign of ms. I just fell up the stairs at work and found it hard to regain my balance. I fall over a lot.

Muscle spasms and foot drop are when I definitely know my ms is most active, so irritating but the creepy crawling sensation is the worst or the water dripping feeling.