Hi, wondered if anyone can help me with this. Ive had low back pain for as long as i can remember, just got on with it, usually a bad bout of cold will floor me if it hits my back. A couple year ago i started with severe night time back pain, the type that feels like someone was snapping my spine in half. 6 weeks ago at work my back seized up, i felt like i was being crushed around my ribcage, the pain was off the scale. I ended in casualty where i lost feeling temporary below waist. Since then im off work trying to keep pain under control with gabapentin n amitryptiline. Im weak still, had another episode of loosing feeling below waist temporary. I have sciatica, shooting pains from hips down, a strange stinging sensation all over, also i get spasms on a night, from hips down, last night i had 3 spasms from shoulders down. Spinal MRI shows bulgin discs, degenerative disc disease and other stuff but nothing to cause loss of feeling, stinging etc. GP has now referred me to nuerologist and ordered a brain MRI, am scared this could be MS, i also do get brief shooting pain in right eye, for a while now but as it passes as soon as it comes i was never worried about that.


try not to get all worked up because that kind of stress will just make your symptoms worse.

wait for your appointment and meanwhile write down all the symptoms you have had, when did it go away, come back?

add approximate dates.

even things that don’t seem relevant may be so to the neuro.

there are a great many other things that could be causing your symptoms.

if it does turn out to be ms, there are lots of treatments these days.

carole x

Thank you for your reply Carole, after over 6 weeks im starting to feel a bit better, bit stronger in legs,the tingling and stinging sensation is still there but reduced, also the spasms have quitened down. Havnt lost my balance once in past 2 days. Gp increased dosage of amitriptyline so it must be that thats helping. Nuerologist appointment isnt until end of November. I also feel more ‘with it’ and not as tired, i mean, i often feel tired easily anyway, cant be bothered to do much after work, that seems to take all my energy but when this started 6 weeks ago i have been absolutely shattered. Does all this sound at all like a MS relapse and recovery? Still got a slight limp, am not fully recovered yet, still need to sit down frequently as legs get weak, but can stay on my feet bit longer