Looking for advise about symptoms


I was wondering if anyone would please be able to help me out and give me some advise.

For 6 weeks now I have been suffering with many symptoms. They started off with cold feeling in my left hand hand foot with tingling going down my leg and lower back pain. The following week the back pain got worse and my left eye became blurry and I was getting a cold, sharp pain behind my eye. The week after that (4 weeks ago) i began getting shooting pains down my left leg and my leg also gave way after I felt it getting numb fom the top and moving down to my foot. It then became more difficult to walk. 3 weeks ago I had been to see my chiropractor 4 times in that one week. He had done neurological assessments as my symptoms had detriorated quickly. My eye was still bad, I couldn’t smell or hear as well out of the left side and I could feel when he was touching my left side as much. He sent me to A&E where I was assessed and sent away after being told to return the following day to book an MRI scan. This was to see if I had a slipped disc.

I returned on the Sunday morning and while I was walking back to the car, I collapsed with severe abdominal pains. I was rushed into A&E where I spent th rest of the day. They couldn’t work out what was wrong. This was now my second week off work as I could hardly walk. During this week, (2 weeks ago) my left side became really weak. I went back a week after my mri for results to be told it wasn’t my back and as my symptoms were still getting worse I would need to come back asap for a brain scan. The consultant did mention they wanted to see if I had ms.

I got my results the next day, and was told nothing was showing on the brain scan. But surely there would be something causing what is going on.

I returned to work today after 3 weeks off, I thought I was feeling a lot better, but I can’t concentrate. I feel sick, I’m still absolutely exhausted, like I have been for coming up to 4 weeks now. I feel really weak as well. Fo mother past few weeks I have been needing to urinate all the time, this isn’t normal for me.

Does anyhing think the symptoms I have been having could relate to MS? If so, what should I do now? I am aware it can take a while to diagnose. My mum was thinking about paying for me to go private and get more tests done, or am I best to wait and see if it happens again?

Thank you.

hi vanessa

sorry to hear about your horrible weeks.

i’d suggest you get another sick note because you’re obviously not well enough to work.

see if your gp can give you something to help manage your individual symptoms.

ask to be referred to a bladder clinic, or you can refer yourself (google bladder and bowel clinic).

i don’t know about going private, that’s a decision for you to make.

take care

carole x