Hi everyone I’m new to this but feel like I have been feeling quite a few symptoms off ms,

im 25 years old, have regular back pain since the age off 16 on and off, I’ve always thought it was sciatica but have had a mri scan about 3 months ago which said my discs were fine with minor wear.

in the past 6 months the pain has got a lot worse and constant, My eyes have not been able to see as well, I have always had 20/20 vision but now things more than a few metres away are looking blurry.

For the last 2 months both my hands and feet have constant pins and needles and numbness which go up to my elbow and knees.

for the last month or so when I bend my neck looking downwards (chin to neck) I’m getting a vibrating shooting pain through my body, sometimes it stops at my back but other times I can feel it in my toes and my belly.

i have been diagnosed with depression about a month ago, I am falling asleep during the day multiple times as I feel so tired.

i have been to my gp multiple times and he’s brushing me off when I’m telling him my symptoms, I have done some research on the net and I have 90 percent off the symptoms shown on MS.

im not sure what to do, I’ve found this site and have seen a lot off people in similar situations so any guidance would be appreciated.



Any condition that has nasty symptoms needs investigation. It might be 1 of thousands of conditions nasty or not, but until you know what you are dealing with it is hard to suggest options or strategies. Please do not listen to too much “Dr Google” but get to see your GP and if you both think it is necessary they will refer you to the right specialist.

If your GP is not listening you should ask to see another or get them to write down why they are dismissing your concerns. An audit trail can help to focus your concerns. Write down you symptoms and a time line. If you take it seriously so should they.

Good luck



I would say get seen by your GP again. You are right - these symptoms do need to be looked at by a specialist - in this case a neurologist. You also need to see an optician in regards to your vision.

If he has dismissed MS - get an explanation from GP. It may be because no lesions were present during MRI.

Overall I would push hard to be seen by a neurologist. It they persist causing much pain than you should probably go A&E, it may even be a fast track to see a neuro but not guaranteed.

All the best


I second Micks suggestion of writing down your symptoms.

If you were to write down the recent symptoms particularly, try to remember rough dates when they started, whether they’ve been constant or fluctuating, how long they’ve lasted, whether they’ve completely resolved or are still there. Take this to your GP and ask for their help.

If your usual GP isn’t helpful, then see another within the practice.

You could ask for a referral to a neurologist, but don’t mention that you’ve looked up your symptoms on the internet and have found us. Doctors prefer to have symptoms presented to them and for them to consider diagnoses. If they think you are trying to fit your symptoms into a diagnosis, they’ll be less likely to do what you want.

Best of luck.


You could write a letter to the Practice Manager at the surgery with a bullet point list of your symptoms, and say that you are feeling these are being dismissed without sufficient investigation.