Hi am new here

Hi all iv just signed up as im basically in limbo and looking for some answers if anyone could mabey help please. Wont go right into back story as my hands are really hurting and my vision is really blurred at the moment, lesions were found on an mri scan in december, neurologist told me not to worry but ordered another mri with contrast 6 months after the previous and also a lumber puncture, i spoke to the neurologist who done the lumber puncture and he was really open with me ( more than my own neurologist) told me it was looking like i had ms but needer this lumbar to set in stone, well after having it done he said he would be in contact with my own neurologist to have an appointment asap, well i have received my appointment and its not until end of November does this nean because its so far away im ok? Because iv been told any new or worsening symptoms to contact gp well im suffering quite bad recently and all my gp is doing is writing to my neurologist i really feel like im just being left to rot, could it be they have left my appointment they far away because im ok, but if this is the case how could i convince my gp to help me with how i am at the moment. Im sorry for rambling but im really struggling in all aspects.
Thank you if you got this far.

Hi Michelle40

You might want to discuss what medication(s) could help the symptoms you are having with your GP, also don’t assume that all ‘symptoms’ are being caused by MS. November isn’t too far away now, and your Neurologist should be able to start getting to the bottom of whatever is causing your symptoms.

Thank you for the reply theresaB,
Im aware regarding all the symptoms not being linked to ms, i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago and every time i was unwell it was alway thrown to that, im just feeling im in a loop as my neurologist receptionist is telling me to phone gp and gp wont do anything atall with me other than write to my neurologist, im currently on a lot of medications for nerve pain , anxiety/depression and pain. They are reluctunt on seeing me only giving me ohone consultations because as the said im getting all the teats needed, and the medication im on at the moment cant be tweaked i just feel im just left to rot.
I know novemver isnt that long but feeling how i do and wanting to know what is wrong to get onto any treatment that will actually help me live some kind of normal life again so i can be a mother, i am so so sorry for moaning i feel thats all i do as of late. Thank you again for your reply