Possible ms

Hi all, I am hoping you can give me some info about the symptoms I have been having, I have not yet been diagnosed with ms, i am a 48 yr old male, I have over time experienced extreme sweating and now I have lower back lumbar pain that’s more like burning electric shock, blurred vision, sharp stabbing pains in head, dizzy spells, stiff calf muscles, pins and needles in hands and feet with numb hands, fatigue, and sometimes my arms and legs twitch when I go to bed, I have had X-rays from doctors and I am waiting for an appointment fro royal orthopaedic hospital about my back pain, could I have ms ? Please help

Hi Tony. No-one on here can tell you if you have ms or not im afraid. Some of your symptoms sound ms like but there are so many conditions that have simular symptoms that it is impossible to say. Some simular conditions are easily treated so try not to get ahead of yourself (difficult i know). If the doctors thought this was ms would they have not sent you to see a neurologist? When ms is suspected we don’t normally have x-rays. When you go to the orthopaedic hospital make a list of your symptoms and discuss them with the doctor. If he/she feels there is something else going on they will make a referal for you to see someone else. Teresa.x p.s. could this be a trapped nerve in your back or something simular? what have the doctors said so far?