New symptom and recent MRI

Over the past week I have started to experience my right foot becoming really cold and feelING not necessary numb but just odd…Kind of cold yet burning, if that makes any sense at all?it has gone from just being in my right foot to now crawling up towards my knee. I have also started to get a sensation like my foot is resting on something that’s buzzing or vibrating. That seems to come and go in waves, it isn’t constant. My right arm has been going numb/feels very cold/pins and needles since mid December. I finally had my MRI on Monday…Head, Spine cervicothoracic and Spine Lumbar/Sacral…what an experience that was! Never realised is was going to be that intensely noisy!left me feeling a bit shaky and headache if honest! How long would you expect to wait for results? Should I tell anyone about this new symptom in my right foot or just wait until Neurologist calls for me with the results of the MRI? Thanks in advance for aby advice x

hi daisy

the hot and cold at the same happens to me too.

i described it to my neuro as having a broken thermostat.

you could ring your neuro’s secretary with your new symptom.

you’ll probably wait around 8 weeks for the results of your mri.

spend this interval learning how to relax, seriously - relax and refuse to let any worries into your mind.

carole x

Hi Daisy

I agree with Carole. I would ring the neuro secretary, it just may speed up your appointment. Either way it’s a good idea

to update them.

Good luck


Thank you…I will do that.

I have had something very similar in the past few days. A "tingle/numb feeling in my middle finger on right hand that almost hurts when it’s run under a cold tap, feels stiff too. Also has anyone had an itching sensation that when you go and itch it, it makes no difference at all?

Hi Douglas, yes, the itch that doesn’t go when scratched is just another MS symptom sent to annoy us! E45 Itch Relief is quite good, or your GP could maybe prescribe something?

All these weird feelings known to MS’ers are usually helped by taking Amitriptyline, your GP would have to prescribe that, maybe talk to your MS Nurse as well.

Rosina x