New relapse or still existing one?

Hi Everyone

I started a relapse last June with sensitivity on the surface of the skin around my middle.  This then progressed into a full blown relapse which affected my legs etc.  I am still recovering from this relapse and I have just started getting those initial sensations around my middle again, which I have not had since last October.

Do you think this is still the same relapse or the begining of a new one?  I am very unsure.

My general pattern is normal one huge relapse which takes over 18 months to recover from and then a break or a year or so before another huge one, normally stress induced.  I am currently not stressed either, just confised!


Hello bobunny.

It is possible you could be heading for a relapse,nothing is for sure with MS.It could be your just experiencing milder symptoms and they will pass.You dont have to be stressed to make your MS relapse it can just happen.Our body and brains like to play tricks on us.

If your worried speak to your GP,MS nurse as they can advise you.

I do feel for you as your last relapse lasted a long time,my latest one is ongoing for three years.Not good.

You should try not to worry and stress.


Thanks for your reply Charlie.  I keep putting off going to the doctor as they never actually do anything useful, but maybe it is time to go.