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Hi all

I am really looking for some advice after a friend asked if I’d ever been tested for MS (She had another close friend who had it) and it got me thinking…

Over the last few years I’ve had a few wierd symptons, i started to get what the doctor decided was migraines about 6 years ago, basicall i just reandomly lose my vision and it seems like im looking through broken/blurred glass, i have no pain with it and it lasts about half hour and then goes. Over the last 2 years i guess ive only had this occur about 2 or 3 times.

In 2009 i started to suffer from pain in my hands and feet and a “twanging snsation” in my fingers when i pulled or reached for something, the doctor sent me to a Rheumatolagist who told me i had inflamation in all my joints? the bloods were all clear but he thought i may have Rheumatoid Arthristus (Sero Negative) And it was a case of just seeing how it all goes.

I’ve been OK for the past year or so but over the last month i have complete numbness in the back of one of my feet (If i stretch the foot out it twangs and really hurts) I also have numbness in one of my thumbs, if i move it in certain directions in twangs and fizzes?? and altho its numb i know if its being touched and it can be over sensative. I also have pain/aches in the back of my legs, started about 3 weeks ago in the crease behind the knee and is now radiating around the leg and the other leg is now “aching” too. I get pins and needls all the time if im sitting watching TV etc, typing this now my legs and feet are a bit buzzy (Sorry for strange descriptions!) I have also had "jumpy legs for years. The pain/ache in my legs is getting me down now as it wakes me up during the night.

I saw my GP and he has run a load more bloods but just says he’ll refer me back to Rheumatolagist as they stick to the RA diagnosis which im very unsure about and have never tested posative for it nor do x rays show anything.

Sorry for the long list guys, just wondered if any of this makes sence to any of you…

Thank you



I thought I’d just add that I’m now being kept wake by chronic back ache as well as the leg pain - the last few days my calf muscles have been really tight as well. I really would appreciate some advice. :frowning:

Hi Karenjane, I hope you get some more replies soon, but dont worry, weekends are usually quiet! I think the best bet is to relay your worries to your GP. The symptoms you describe could be literally anything, and not necessarily ms. You could always get a second opinion from a different GP, especially if you think they are headed down the wrong track. Take care, Daisyn.

Thank you for replying - I just really wondered if any of these symptoms sounded familiar to ms as I’m not sure that the ra route is the correct one. Thank you again x

Thank you for replying - I just really wondered if any of these symptoms sounded familiar to ms as I’m not sure that the ra route is the correct one. Thank you again x

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Thank you Daisyn :slight_smile: it would be really appreciated to hear from some people from here.

Hi karen pains in back of legs in particular crease of knees. Left leg worse. Left sided symptoms elsewhere including tremor in arm and hand, tremor in jaw, pulsatile tinnitus i think it is (hearing and feeling heartbeat more so when sitting and lying down. Terrible headaches and neck pain. Coccyx pain. Bladder issues. Constipation… double vision. Heat sound and light sensitivity… numb patch in leg which sometimes has pins and needles and a cold wet feeling like ive spilt water or wet myself! the list goes on. i am only 28 and single parent of 2 children and yet i feel about 90. I am not diagnosed, had mri yesterday so hoping for results soon. all my symptoms could tie up to mean something or could all be separate problems. if i don’t have ms then im sure my coccyx is causing the problems as apparently coccyx issues can alter intracranial pressure. I don’t have a twanging sensation like you so can’t relate to that. is it worth asking for referral to neurologist??

hello there! Your symptoms are similar to MS, but then there are many other things that could be causing them.Ask your GP if a referral to a neurologist would be useful.

It``s all scary I know, but hang on in there, yeh?

I spent 15 years trying to find out why I cant walk and PPMS was in the frame for many years, but is now discounted.

Hope you get an answer soon.

luv Pollx

Hi bird lady Thanks for replying :slight_smile: the pain in my leg is worse in the knee crease and left leg worse - my numbness and twanging is also in the left so very similar to you. I also get pins and needles all the time in hands and feet and my legs itch if I stand for any length of time. You’re very young to feel like you do :frowning: I hope you get some answers and help soon - it must be hard with small children, I’m 46 and the children are teenagers so at least they can help! I have also been told my glucose levels are high and have to have a fasting blood test - not sure if that’s connected? Back to gp Friday and I know he’ll refer me back to reumotoligist - I think I may ask to see a neurologist too or instead. I hope you get some answers soon. Xx

Hi bodica Thank you for replying - I’m seeing gp Friday so think I will ask for a referral. It’s really got me down this week as I’ve felt so tired too. 15 years?? That’s a long time! Are they any closer to finding out what the problem is? X

Hi, I would suggested you ask to be tested for LUPUS as it can look very like RA and can also give neurological symtoms. The rheumatologist would be experienced to test for this - another similar thing would be sjorgrens. Both are fairly treatable.

Moyna xxx