Just wanting some advice!!!

Hi I’m just looking for some advice. I have been having lots of things happening to me over the past year & half. I pride myself on not getting ill but have just had one thing after another going wrong and would really appreciate some help as to whether or not it is MS! I have always had problems with my hands and legs ( carrying things, walking to far) pain in both but it always went away. The past year it is more or less constant along with pins and needles, cramp etc… I also get electric shocks all over and constant twitching muscles. My memory & speech has got worse over the past several months. I have problems with my left eye (light sensitivity and spots) and have been referred to the hospital. I have problems with left ear muffled , ear infection and recently my hearing decided to switch on and off, like someone flicking a switch. i also go dizzy all the time and was told i had vertigo. My left little finger went numb then it spread up my arm and met up with my already numb neck. I also had numb shins. I had a stiff neck recently which lasted 4 months. I have been seeing a doctor for the past few months but he decided to just give me tablets and tell me to come back every 2 weeks. He did no examinations and kept changing diagnosis. I have been looking on Internet and MS kept coming up, so I read up and I had ALOT of the symptoms but the one that jumped out at me was the ‘hug’. Last year I felt like I was having a heart attack, I went to the doctors and he said my intercostal muscles were contracting. That lasted a few week then I got it again when I had ear infection. I have just seen a new doctor and he referred me to a neurologist and for a brain scan. If anybody as any helpful advice, I would very much appreciate it!!!

Deep breaths.

These symptoms must be very frightening for you.

It may or may not be MS, only a neurologist can make the diagnosis. There are a lot of things that mimic MS: Hughes Syndrome, Vit B12 deficiency to name a couple. Both of these can be treated.

Your new doctor is doing the right thing. The only advice I can give is try not to assume the worst, It may not be MS and if it is, considerable advances have been/are being made in its treatment.

Good Luck!


Hi Anne I have had blood tests and they were normal for B12 And a couple of others which I can’t remember. Just so worried at the moment. Just feel like I’m falling apart & at 36 that’s not a good sign. Thanks for your advice!


This is the hardest time. Once you know what you are dealing with it does get easier, honest!

If it is MS, it is not the end of the world.

Life goes on with MS. I was diagnosed 7 years ago. My life is different now to what I’d imagined it would be before MS but I still have a good quality of life and it goes on.

Everyone’s MS is different and there is no knowing what the prognosis will be for any individual. The future is uncertain but it is for everyone. People who haven’t got MS are just usually blissfully unaware of that.

Take care


Hello and welcome :slight_smile: I love Anne’s “other people are just blissfully unaware that the future is uncertain” - it is SO true! Life is rarely straightforward, but it is amazing what we can and do deal with and MS is no different. But there could be any of a large number of things causing your symptoms so it’s a bit early to be focusing in on MS - you never know it might turn out to be something relatively easy to fix instead. And even if it is MS, at least finding out will get you better support and access to the right meds and treatments. Of course no one would choose to have MS, but it’s honestly not the end of the world; it makes life harder at times, but it’s far from over. I hope you get some answers soon. Try not to worry (yeah, I know, but worrying’s not going to change anything and it’ll only make you feel worse!). Karen x


Hi, i am glad to hear your new doc has referred you to a neurologist…that is what the orignal doctor should have done, long before now!

A lot of what you say does sound very ms like. Did the first doc ever mention it amongst his ramblings? But it could be one of many things.

Hope you dont have to long a wait for the MRI.

luv Pollx

My first doctor did absolutely nothing! That’s why I changed. The second doc did all kinds of examinations, straight away, and referred me to neuro and a brain scan. I have received letter telling me I should get an appointment in 1-6weeks.

Brain scan on Wednesday (12th June), neurologist on 10th July, symptoms not easing, forgot to mention that I was born with coeliac disease. Fed up of the constant pain! :o(