New Blue Badge ordered

I have just reordered a Blue Badge from my local council (Cardiff), via the government website.

However I notice that it is valid for only a year - I’m sure it used to be three.

I can’t believe how mean this is, after all, sadly I don’t think my symptoms are going to suddenly vanish.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi to all,

I have ordered my Blue Badge as I am now Registered Blind so hopefully mine will be a 3 year one can you contact them & find out why 1 year hopefully you will get it Sorted Soon.


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Many thanks for this.

I am sorry to hear about your sight loss.

I will try to contact the council to find out if this is really an error.


Yeah, I’ve had the same experience! I got my Blue Badge renewed last year and was surprised to see it’s only valid for a year now. I remember it used to be 3 years too. It does seem a bit unfair, especially since our conditions aren’t likely to improve anytime soon.

And not mentioning the additional admin and bureaucracy.


Seems to vary county by county. Just checked West Northamptonshire where my Dad got his and as indicated on their website, the badge is issued for 3 years

I’ve renewed mine recently and discovered I could either do a one year renewal or a three year application which meant reapplying from scratch - this is what I did but it was fairly unpleasant to revisit and describe in detail everything I can’t do/how little I can walk. The shorter renewal was affected by my PIP assessment being delayed by Covid and not lasting a sufficiently long time. Hope this is of some help.

As a postscript to this thread, I chased the council about this.

They have informed me that they couldn’t issue a 3Y badge because it would have fallen outside my PIP renewal.

This is scheduled for July next year so I will delay replacing my badge until then.

Many thanks for your replies.



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