Blue Badge renewal

Hi all,

Well, my three year Blue badge is up for renewal.

2010 - filled in the form online, quick chat with my GP, badge arrived in the post.

2013 - directed to Government website which said it would take 15 minutes to fill in the form.

I consider myself quite well educated - it took me about 3 hours!!! Hunting out badge, driving licence, passport, little red book with all my symptoms/dates/appointments in, telephone numbers of medical people who look after me, prescription list. etc etc.

Have eventually sent off the form and still have to get some passport photos, photocopy passport and driving licence and get them verified by an important friend.

Glad they’re being a bit more careful with who gets a badge but as I don’t automatically qualify I think the fact that I manage to fill everything in entitles me to one!!!

Good luck anyone else,

Jen x

Hello Jen, I’ve just got my renewal encylopaedia. it’s all very well being thorough at source, but it still doesn’t stop the abuse in the car park. Where I live “the” traffic warden retired 10 years ago and hasn’t been replaced. Good wishes, Steve.

Hi Jen!

Renewed my BlueBadge earlier this year, having originally got my first one in 2010.

This year’s renewal process, as you say, requires so much more input than was needed before.

Let’s hope we’re not expected to do all this malarkey every 3 years from now on (…it would make sense to me that if we’ve qualified this time - renewal could/should be automatic in future…perhaps with updated photos at most) ?

Maybe I’m hoping for more common sense than will actually occur ?



I had to do mine a few weeks ago and gave up when trying to do the online form. I went to my local council one stop shop, where I’d been to apply fromt he previous ones. The lady there did it all for me, all I had to do was take all the paper work and she filled the online form for me and then sent the photo off too. My new badge then arrived in the post about a week.

It was so much easier than trying to work it all out myself so worth checking out if your council office can help.


Got my badge for the 1st time last month, forms seem a bit much but persevered then had to go to council for a meeting, all good and got approved, then just had to go and collect in person a week later.