Blue Badge

Hi all,

Has anyone tried recently to renew their Blue Badge with their local council? It’s nearly as difficult as getting a UK passport these days! You have a 10 page questonnaire to complete (though in my case only sections 1, 2 and 7 were needed): you must provide photocopied evidence of address (council tax demand in your name), identity (passport/driving licence), proof of entitlement to certain benefits (such as a DLA letter from the DWP in my case) and all this has to be countersigned by a witness! You should get the badge automatically, subject to correctly filling in the paperwork, if you get DLA both components at the higher rate. One photograph must be included and if, and I mean if, they approve your application you have to collect it from a local library and pay £10! This is, I suppose, designed to stop the illegal use of Blue Badges by those selfish people who aren’t really disabled.


Blimey - I so look forward to that - not (am allergic to forms)! How long have you had a badge for? I’ve had one for nearly 20 years and renewing so far has been a piece of cake. As you say, I guess it’s all in an effort to clamp down on fraudsters … Debs

Hi Steve,

Yes I renewed mine very easily a few weeks ago. (Devon Council). Had to provide the identity & DLA evidence (What has the care component to do with it? I don’t have high rate care) as you describe but didn’t have a questionaire to fill in. Sent the £10 and the new badge arrived within a couple of weeks. Sounds as though your Council are making a right meal of it!