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I am considering giving in to the insistence of my family and friends that I apply for a blue badge. Until now I have been too proud to park in a disabled space. However, this hot humid weather, combined with a general deterioration of my walking ability has left me struggling to say the least.

Having looked at the blue badge website I am left wondering as to how difficult it is as a PPMS’er to qualify. For a start I do not have any documentary medical correspondence that they “require” as I just get on with life without seeing any consultants anymore (my last experience with a neurologist about 18 years ago left me unimpressed to say the least as he had zero bedside manners). So my question is what experience have others had with their applications? Have they been positive or will I just be wasting my time?

I think it depends on the area you live in, different authorities require different evidence. Mine want to see your scoring letter for PIP! Some only need a doctors letter. Perhaps your GP could write you a supporting letter.

Jan x

Yes they do want to see it. However the same authority will also give all 80 year olds one as “at that age they would have some difficulty in walking”. They don’t advertise it, you only find about it if a friend has heard about it!


Thanks Jan & Sarah,

Your information Sarah is of great interest as I’m very close to that frightening age. I am becoming optimistic.


Yes, it differs from council to council. My current council requires higher rate mobility PIP/DLA, whereas where we lived before I completed an online application. Good luck with your application. Sonia x

Thanks Sonia, my council will accept an online application, but the website states that documentary evidence of your disability is required. It does go on to say that if you are unable to provide all the required paperwork then you can contact them for further help, so that’s what I am doing.


Jeff x

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It used to be that a letter from your GP would do for evidence that you can’t walk 50 metres. Don’t forget, 50 metres is a lot further than you think. Plus, to walk 50 metres means not just doing it once, then having a good long rest, it means being able to do it repeatedly and safely. The same basic rules as apply to claiming PIP, repeatedly, reliably and safely. Obviously, if you are nearing the age when you might get a badge more or less automatically, you can’t take the route of claiming PIP for mobility.

So ask your GP for a letter to be used as evidence of your PPMS and walking capability (or lack of).


Thanks for that information Sue. I’m much obliged.


Hello Jayelle,

I have PPMS, provisional diagnosis about 1 year ago and confirmed November last year following 2nd MRI and LP, and have just applied for the blue badge.

I completed an online form and submitted it to my local council. If I remember correctly I had to give the details of my MS neuro but the rest was just me completing various questions on the online form. I then received a phone call asking me to attend a mobility assessment. Went along, with my significant other, and was asked various questions (significant other also pointed out a few things which I had forgotten/hadn’t really thought about mentioning). Was then asked to do a couple of things whilst seated like pointing feet, pushing against assessors hand etc and then they accompanied me on the walk back to the car.

During the walk I made sure I was slower than I would normally be but after we had said goodbye to the assessor I had the comment “you blew that as you didn’t stop on the walk back”.

The assessment was on a Friday and I was told it would be about 10 days before I heard the result. The following Tuesday (two working days) I had an email to say that they would issue a badge to me.

Good luck with your application.


Thank you MS2017. All this is very helpful in how to approach my application. It does seem that my local authority are particularly demanding (West Sussex) as they require a certified copy of, my passport, a utility bill, medical evidence and a passport style photograph.

As for pointing my feet and putting pressure against a hand, I probably won’t do myself any favours as my leg strength etc is quite good. It is foot drop, foot drag and foot turned inwards as well as general difficultly walking that gives rise to my application. I suppose though that individual problems are taken into account.

I shall look forward to any battle that I may face.

Thanks again,


I applied for a blue badge at the local council parking office. All they required was a passport photo, medical proof of disability & £15 for the admin. I’m not sure if it’s a 3 or 5 year badge. It makes life a whole lot easier. Super wide spaces, right outside, where ever we go. You can add up to 5 other car registrations to the badge. For when you are in family members or friends cars. Terry

Interesting how it is different for each council.

Mine is 3 years, £10 admin/printing and no car registration as it’s for the person so if I travel in other people’s cars I can take the badge with me.


Here in the Irish Republic you take the form for the gp to verify your need for one. She fills in the distance you’re able to walk, ie 20mtr. Gp is aware of the regulations and criteria. Invclude a passport size photo and €35. It’s valid for 2 years and is for the person not the vehicle so I can take it with me anywhere even a hire car.

Same here. Glad I live somewhere that is upto date and not living in the past.

Handy to be able to use the Badge in any car.

My blue badge application has now been submitted and I await the response. I do not expect to get a badge as I have been totally honest in my application. As far as I am concerned, if I was dealing with my application I would call the applicant in for assessment. We shall see!

The form seems to be fixated with how far you can walk rather than how far you can SAFELY walk. Because I am determined I will walk, in my own fashion 100 metres. However, my dragging leg gives rise to me tripping very easily. One question was can I walk round a supermarket shopping. Yes thanks to the trolley being my walking frame! Another was how long it takes me to walk from my car in the local car park to the shops. What they don’t ask is whether I can manage walking to the shops or other destinations when the car park is some distance away. Out of determination I will manage in those circumstances, but getting back to the car, especially if carrying bags, is another matter.

A final rant - I do wish I could walk as quickly and as well as most people I see getting out of their cars in a disabled space.

Here is hoping,


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I’m pleased to say that my application for a blue badge has been approved. Just need to swat up now on what I can and can’t do with it. At least I will be able to park nearer a toilet, that is if I can find a disabled parking space.

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Hi Jeff,

That’s great news I’m really pleased for you :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x