Blue Badge Renewal

Has anyone recently tried to renew their blue badge? What before was a fairly straight forward thing at my local library now requires logging onto the government web site and uploading to them certified copies of original documents. In my case: driving licence/passport/utility bill/ DLA letter from DWP/photograph! The people that decided this is a good idea for genuine disabled people to do should try it themselves with leather gloves on their hands and sitting in a wheelchair! Oy Vay! And it costs us £10 for the privilege too. People with MS are not curable (at the moment) so should be given a badge for life. Cream off those badges from people who display one then just nonchalantly jump out of their vehicle at the shops! Probably half would lose their badges - perhaps it’s time for a confidential reporting line to be set up?

Yep I did mine on line, it was odd but the badge turned up a week or so later.

I did mine at the council offices no trouble at all, and on a very good day I try to jump out off the car nonchalantly mindful off the fact that we are all differant and feel differant and some of us tend to forget that there are other illnesses and disability s

That warrant a blue badge g

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Yes my badge turned up very quickly, just a few days and two months too early!