Neuro today - seemed a bit odd

I saw my neuro today. I had trouble with vision for my first relapse and then a few days later when started steroids got some symptoms (while on the steroids and still had vision problems). These were weakness in arm, two numb toes and stiff and sore neck when sitting (stiffness hasn’t resolved). I asked if these were part of the relapse and he said "who knows, the steroids can do strange things, So no not necesarily’ . Really odd I thought from him to say that. His speciality is dementia and I am being referred to an MS specialist. x

if he isnt an ms specialist, there is no reason why he should know all about ms.

at least you’re beig referred to an ms specialist

hope you get answers soon

carole x

hi anon

i can understand u thinking its a strange response but if he had said that to me then i would have been impressed! let me (try to explain!)

ms is so complicated and individual. most of those that r in my support circle understand that i want their truth-not just what they think i want to hear.i believe that no-one knows what will/can happen with ms and i trust those that say i dont know but together we will come up with a plan. to me thats honesty which i appreciate.

some expect definite answers and sometimes there just isnt one with this malarkey. this is frustrating for us and i guess professionals. but honesty wins every time with me instead of an answer -to keep me happy/quiet.

i am way down the line with ms-i guess you are just setting out-so understand why u r disappointed.

but dont worry-it wont help u any.

take care and one day at a time eh?


I also said to him I didn’t have blurred vision or loss of vision just double vision from the VI Nerve Palsy. So I asked him is that still optic neurius? and he said "I don’t know’. Hmmm when I read up about optic neuritis it mentioned loss of vision, fogginess or change in colour vision. I guess he means he didn’t know as he didn’t examine me with the double vision? It can’t be that he hasn’t been educated about optic neuritis. haha I do wonder though ! Makes me laugh anyway, it was just the way it came across surely.

The thing to remember about ON is that with a really good scanner, only problems with the optic nerve can be detected.
I do not know of any scanner that can look at the connections between cells in the retina. Like:
if the scanner can work in .1mm steps, but the nerve fibre is only a couple of microns long - you will see nothing.
Go for the optic nerve, and .1mm will show any inflammation, etc.

I am with Ellie - honest answers win every time.


Thanks Geoff. I wanted to ask you when i had my dizziness before my VI nerve palsy I had warmth inside left ear, a feeling of fullness in ears and i kept opening my mouth to clear the pressure. I also had a feeling that something moved quickly inside my ear and have been wondering if that may have been an ear infection? I’ve just had one relapse. thanks

Hi Again, I spoke to my GP today and asked if those ear symptoms sound like an infection, she said if there is no pain then it could well be a virus in the ear but there is no treatment for virus. I’ve looked at ADEM and its caused by a viral infection. My illness went to my spine a few days after my first MRI. The GP said MS is focal and builds lesions over time. Rather than in my case mass lesions in one long illness. Sadly reading about ADEM it mentions one in three people get MS from ADEM. I’m still recovering and get a few tremors and small spasms occasionally. The nuero said these are residual symptoms. Have my 3rd scan due, hopefully not too long wait and hopefully no new activity.