Optic Neuritis is a b*Tch!!

Hey guys

Hope ur all ok today...its my 6th day since being diagnosed with MS and am still very much suffering with optic neuritis. Im 12 days into it and 6 days since my vision has been awful. Can anyone shed some light into how long it lasted for them?

My neuro doesnt want me on steroids for it so its a wait and see process.

Would ove some feedback as i am not liking being half blind :(


thanks xx

It was a long time ago now but from what I remember I was blind in my eye for 6 to 8 weeks and it certainly got worse before it got better.

It was over a year before my sight returned to normal, but return to normal it did. (I was completely blind in my eye)

It is a bugger but give it time

Good Luck!

Every one of us is different.

For me, it has visited twice. Both times it was over within a month.


aww sorry to hear you’re having a crap one Hun.
it’s maybe use re no steroids as thy could Ning your sight bak but no evidence it would prevent another attack at a later date…
I did some redrafting re on and it can vary…but some people see an improvement after 3 to 5 weeks or up to 12 wks in but it can be slow so try abs stay positive Hun. I am still improving but it’s only very slight according to sight tests. I feel for you though…but ou are not alone and quite a few here have had it at one time or another. it’s pants but it will get better.
em x

ahh thankyou all so much for your replies


im on day 13 now. vision is still shocking in left eye but mayb a 2% improvement. my central vision is totally like a black fog but my peripheral is slightly less crap. apparently thats normal??


Anyway i really appreciate i mentioned before im not allowed steroids so guess it looks like it is a waiting game now.


lots of love xx

Hi Beccy

I've had optic neuritis several times now crying1

The first time was by far the worst - like you I lost the sight in my left eye. I had iv steroids and my vision started to improve within a few days, maybe a week. I got the colour vision back about 2 or 3 weeks later but all in all it took a while and I have been left with some residual problems - although thankfully nothing major.

Steroids are by no means a cure but they can help to speed up the recovery time of a relapse. But like all drugs they can have side effects too.

Your eyesight is precious so if in doubt then contact your neuro or nurse again.


Debbie xx

hi debbie. thanks for ur story. i took steroids last year fr another relapse and almost ended up in hospital so i dont really react well to them. therefore y neuro was like save the times u HAVE to have them for really bad cases. hE IS really relazxed about the whole situation so guess i should be too. So no steroids for me....looks like im gna have to wait it out unfortunately. 


hope u enjoy the sunshine!! x

Steroids can be nasty for sure....I don't think I'd have tried them again either if I'd had a reaction like you had last year!!!

All things dangly crossed that your sight starts to improve very soon Beccy. It can take time. Rest up and look after you...

Debbie xx

yea. thanks debbie.


only problem is now my right eye is starting to hurt now...not sure if its just cos its straining but its quite achey now...ive heard it can affect both eyes so im really scared now cos then il be properley blind!! 



I have ON and am not yet diagnosed with MS. The ON started in my right eye 9 weeks ago, and has just started to improve. My left eye started getting blurry about a week ago, and is still blurred, but is improving. Hope that helps and good luck x

Hi Beccy

Hope your ON gets better soon. I'm not sure whether mine is ON as my vision feels only mildly affected but the pain certainly is exrutiating. It's the scariest thing having your sight or eyes affected.I can understand why your neuro is hesitant to put you on steroids though if you reacted so badly last time so it sounds like you're in good hands.

Good luck and hope you get better soon



I pretty much lost sight in my right eye a couple of months ago. Well, wasn't complete loss but I could not see through right eye at all because the double vision was so horrendous that it made me feel really sick and dizzy if I tried to look through my right eye. I had to keep it patched for every waking hour for about a month, maybe 5 or 6 weeks until it started to get better. It took a while to start to recover but once it did, it recovered quite quickly. It's still not perfect now and this is week 9 but I can see OK. My eyesight has never been great anyway. I think of all the symptoms I had, the eyesight loss was probably the worst, right next to the 'hug' anyway... oh and the frozen hand and foot ...and the know what I mean. lol. Everything was pants!

I wish you a speedy recovery!

haha thanks guys. i think it was cos i strained my good eye now. i actually been told to not wear my patch as it will take the pressure off my good eye so only wear it for tv an computer now. also only work for 20 mins at a time at my computer cos i think  realy strained it. Anyway im now on day 14 and even tho i can still hardly see in left eye i would say there is a tiny improvement. my days are so boring tho! im studying to become a nutritional therapist and also im a nutrition editor for a local paper so alot of my day is spent on the computer...therefore its kinda annoying not being able to see.

glad u all say it does improve tho




aww Hun yes best pace yourself re eyes…I work for myself and have found it very hard to do any computer based stuff even more so when I have brain fig too lol try and be pairnt and achieve a little each day…when do you see eye dr again .?

thanks babe. yea just taking it easy. umm well luckily for me my neurologist is also a neuro opthalmologist so i see him for both. Going for a brain scan this week just so he can hav a comparison from last year. so will prob be seeing him next week when results come back :)

well my vision is def not worse so guess it means im on the slow upward recovery but mY GOD is it slow!! lol