optic neuritis advice needed please

Hi mu fellow MSers so a week ago I had a twitch in my left eye for about 3 hours and after that was left with pain behind the eye and when I moved the eye anyway on friday I woke up and my eye was all blurry then when I woke up this morning it was even worse so a trip to the hospital today and I was told I have optic neuritis got told that i just have to waited it out and it so i wasjust wondering what everyones thoughts were on it as i have never had problems with my eyes so dont no what to expect should they have gave me steriods for my left eye or should they just leave it to run its course will i get my full eye sight back etc any help much appreciated

I had it december 2012 went basically blind in left eye had a course of steroids and it came back after about 2 weeks the sights not as good as it was but its not bad x

I had it just once bout ten years ago, went nearly blind in one eye but no pain, no steroids, told it would be ok in bout 6 weeks and it was, sight returned 100% and hasn’t happened again. I wish you the same luck. Take care and try to think positive. X

Thanks much appreciated would like to hear of what others have experienced

Had it about 14 years ago - double vision etc but, nothing since thankfully

Hi sherri

i had ON Jan 2013 and went totally blind in the left eye overnight it took 6-8 months before lights started electric blue flashing today 15 months on its left me with double vision & a white haze being only able to read the 3rd line down on the eye chart they never gave me steroids as they deemed it was too late this weekend just gone i had sudden severe pain on movement of my good eye i went to A&E & up for an emergency opthamology appt just now waiting for my urgent mri & they are talking about steroids as the guy has said hes sure its another on episode but my optic nerve isn’t pale in my good eye no disturbance to vision yet touch wood , if i have any advice from my own experience is don’t wait & act asap but also keep positive as mines improved in month 13-14 so it takes time , hope that helps somewhat all the best

respect sheep

It was my first symptom, long before diagnosis. I had the eye pain first for a few days, then the sight went wonky and colour vision went. Sight more or less went over a few days then Moorfields Eye Hospital told me it would take about six weeks for the sight to recover in the affected eye. I was driving again after about two months.

It’s not happened again although I have had double vision briefly once. Never had steroids for the ON.

Hope that helps.

My left eye went really blurry, like you I used to get a twitch on off for a couple of weeks, then it went blurry, couldn’t see the house across the street !! Mine sorted it’s self, after about a week I noticed a slight improvement then by about 5 or 6 weeks it was back to normal. Guess I was one of the lucky ones. Fingers crossed for you to be equally as lucky.