Neuro physio

Hi everyone,

Recently been discharged from neuro physio and have blogged about my experience. Would highly recommend it as a treatment! :slight_smile: also if anyone has any topics they’d like me to cover in my blogs please let me know!

Rachel xx

Thanks for sharing this Rachel …I start Neuro physio in a few weeks and can,t wait ( been pining all my hopes on it speeding up my recovery and getting me back to work ) …so it’s good to know you found it so helpful

Izzy x

So glad to hear you found it useful Izzy! I know I struggled to find any personal neuro physio reviews before I went! Hope yours goes well and you find it helpful too :slight_smile:

Rachel x


I am about to start this but i’m quite nervous as iv’e been a wheelchair user for 2 years and although i have limited mobility in the house using the furniture and wall walking it is impossible outside in open spaces. id love to be able to walk again.

Michelle x