Neuro physio

Has anyone else had neuro physio? and do you feel that it helps?

I had a few sessions and then she got ill but iv’e just started it again, I went on an exercise bike which you can do from sitting in a chair and it goes around its self and i did the legs then the arms it feels weird like my arms and legs are very heavy…The question i would really love the answer to is…Can they get me walking again? i know that its supposed to build up your strength. I have improved a bit from two and a half years ago… i have got some walking of a sort around the house with furniture and a technique of stiffening my legs to walk like the tin man but its no good for outside…the weakness poor balance don’t allow for that… Interestingly if i overdo it i lose strength and mobility

I think because of the imminent arrival of my granddaughters i really want it back. Iv’e heard people say if you don’t use it you lose it? I find that hard to grasp in my own personal situation, because although i’d had weakness in my legs for long time, it was a sudden decline after an opp that caused me to lose everything so i had no choice…it was either embrace the wheelchair or be house bound…So my question… How much of my mobility can i get back?


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Hi there Michelle,

One of my phrases is use it or lose it. I’m always advised to use my wheelchair & I personally avoid it. I’ve broken toes, sprained my ankle & fallen so much I’ve become used to it. Whenever I’m in the mood, I do lunges to keep the leg muscles working. Ankle weights are handy to wear when pottering about on good days. All around general fitness helps. Eating healthy & avoiding stress. Some people say it looks like a drunk & some people are actually drunk. There’s a massive difference, but don’t get into an argument with a drunk. That’s their choice & we all know what will happen.

What you’re doing is great already & wanting to improve mobility is awesome. Just get to know your own limits. We are all different. Not listening to others advice helps. You know what’s possible & it changes like the weather. Just because someone else can do stuff isn’t important. It’s what you can personally do that counts.

I’ve had a wheelchair for a while & rarely use it. If I personally chose to get about in it, at all the times. I would be in it constantly & we all know that isn’t easy. Some forms of MS isn’t a bad foot or leg problems. It’s an all inclusive deal. From breathing, picking things up, coordination & coping with great misunderstanding. Neurological disease affects whatever. An unlucky dip.

Things do improve, IF steps are taken.

Advanced preparation required. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your wise words, you sound as if you’ve got a lot of experience. My powered wheelchair and Frazer ( assistance dog) have been my life line, it has enabled me to go all over the place and it has been so important with having my children, its meant that we could still have fun…but on the flip side i miss my old life i was so active before, but iv’e never given up on the desire to get it back. Sometime when its dark Ben my 18 year old son and i will go to the park and i will get out of my chair and try to do the tin man walk between the park benches I can manage a very short distance on flat ground before my legs buckle and i will only try when there is no one about to see me fall, I’m not worried by friends and family if we go out I will leave my chair outside their houses and crawl up the steps and inside and i can do limited walking inside with furniture, but really wonder if i can build up the strength to do a walk down the street, only problem is its a few steps then a fall and overwhelming weakness.

hopefully the neuro physio will help



Definitely keep up the exercise, it’s a must !
I’m lucky enough still to be cycling outside, but now that Winter is here, I have switched to the Gym.
I do as much leg exercise as I can, and whilst it wipes me out for some time afterwards, I see the benefits throughout the day.

I’m currently on a business trip to South Africa, and haven’t been near a gym now for 6 days. I am feeling the effects of that big time !! Can’t wait to get home from that angle.
4 days + flight to go :slight_smile:

Swimming is another exercise which you should consider. Like the bike, there is something else supporting your body weight.
Apart from anything else, any exercise is potentially getting you out of the house and socialising again.


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Go steady and mind the falls broken hip springs to mind

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Good luck out there Michelle. Keep active & take care.

It’s great that you have your powered chair, Frazer & family.

Typing isn’t wise experience, we all have our own ways of dealing with our individual problems. I’m stubborn.

Personal problems encourage solutions.