Does anyone have physio, and do you find it beneficial?

Hi Jules

I have had ms for 9+ years and find neuro physio to be excellent.

I have had 3 lots of it lasting 6-8 weeks each time.

It helps with my core stability and so is beneficial for balance, standing, walking as well as pain management because of spasms.

I would deffo recommend it.

all the best


I’ve had it a few times and, yes, I think it’s very helpful but you have to keep the exercises up. It’s best to see a neurophysio - so they have a better understanding of what works and doesn’t work for neurological symptoms. Karen x

Hi. I have just started seeing a physio. My neuro said they would refer me to one and ms nurse said she thought an OT would be best. Anyway I was told it could be 5-6 months for appointment to come through so I have found one myself. My hand has not fully recovered since march neither has my balance but my hand is effecting my work as I need to write. I have only had a few sessions but my handwriting is starting to improve. Now that could be because it would anyway or it could be the exercises. After so many months of no change I think exercises have helped. Still can’t straighten it but coordination seems better. Time will tell. Hope this helps a bit. Mish x

Thanks Guys… my walking is getting worse and more painful and was wondering whether its worth asking GP to refer me, so thank you for your replies.


Apart from saying Yes, and Yes, to your original questions, all I can add to what the others have already written is that I wish I had started with the present neurophysio some time ago.

All the previous interventions were sort-of playing catch-up. After 4 sessions with the new one, it is like I have gone back a few months in real terms. No huge miraculous improvements, just several tiny changes for the better. Getting dressed is easier, stability is generally better, and so on.

Go for it.


Thanks DoctorGeoff!! :slight_smile:

My neurophysio was and is massively helpful! Made a real difference to a lot of my symptoms and helps with dizziness and balance. I haven’t had any physio for about a month now because I’ve been in agony since my bodged up lumbar puncture but starting up with the physio again next week - aching back and all!