Neuro Physio, side effects from excercises

Hi, the neuro physio has given me balance and leg excercises to help. But I find they make me worse. After a while of doing them, my muscles become stiff and I have to stop and it leaves me tired and having to sit down rather than being able to do more. Is this normal for anybody else? Are we being assessed when we see the Physio? or is it just for the excercises.


Hi Catherine

I am still waiting for a dx.

I’ve just had my first physio and ache too but I feel it is a case of no pain no gain. The physio did say it should not hurt and to stop if it does but that I should find them easier and easier to build up to the required number of exercises per day. When are you going back? I have an appointment for 2 weeks time. My physio did assess me, purely to find out where my strengths and weaknesses are and filled in various diagrams and charts whilst I was there and took loads of notes. I was shocked at how weak my right side is but hopefully my balance and strength will improve. Overall very impressed with physio although not so with the consultant but that’s another story!

I have had 3 weekly visits already and fourth next wk then will have a 5th 3weeks after this to see if strength has improved. I am undiagnosed too. Yes I agree they are good, which is why I was hoping they would forward findings onto Neurologist/GP. Just had a letter though this morning saying due to unforseen circumstances my Nuero appt has been cancelled and I will have to wait longer for another appt.