Physiotherapy question

HI all

I am receiving physio to try and build up my leg muscles to improve my balance. I notice, however, my balance is far worse after treatment. Does anyone else find this?

I feel the physio is doing me good and am enjoying the sessions but is physio making it worse or is this just a way of the physio doing some good. How long did it take some of you to improve after treatment. I am not on any DMDs

All the best


Yes spiderewoman, you may find your overheating and using muscles youve perhaps not exercised much before. I was like you then over time built up my strength and energy to suit. I also got help with drop foot and advised best way to walk - then chosing right walking stick and which side to use it on as I hadnt a clue.

Keep at it and you too will notice a great deal of difference in your confidence, core body strength and mobility - but of course the hard work has to be done first.




I’m with Bren - anyone who doesn’t have an illness would expect to feel tired & a bit weaker after exercise, so it’s normal that you’d feel weaker afterwards, it’s just that your muscles aren’t used to be worked like that. Theyshould get stronger over time, but even then I’d still expect to feel weaker afterwards. I’d always feel weaker for a bit. but would pick up after a few hours. If you find you’re feeling worse for a day or or more though it might be worth pacing yourself a bit more - taking more & longer breaks inbetween exercises.