Over the last week or so since my LP headache disappeared I have noticed I pain in my neck on the L that extends up to the head. I also had the strange facial pain stuff that I had a couple of years back where my ear hurts and my eye is burning throbbing with pain down my nose - luckily no stabbing in the eye this time.

There’s been some debate about whether this is trigeminal neuralgia / facial pain / cluster headache etc and now I’m not sure whetehr it actually might by occipital neuralgia. Anyone else had these symptoms or similar symptoms. I just thought the neck apin on that side might fit with that?



Don’t know but hope it clears soon you’ve had a rough time of it. It does sound like occipital neuralgia doesn’t it as I wouldn’t expect TN to extend down your neck. Ax

Yes it does - though I didn’t have neck pain when I had symptoms a couple of years ago and the eye pain was stabbing after watch I had a jaw spasm and couldn’t eat. So I’m not sure if that was something seperate and this is something seperate - scratching head. Worst thing is I have a huge hole on my tooth on that side which I’m having an overlay done for. Dentist is very wary as of course he doesn’t want to do anything with teeth if issues are TN or ON or cluster migraine related. He keeps saying the neurologist should know. I have to say in all the neuro’s I’ve seen nobody has ever given me a straight answer as to what it was then when it happened and I wonder if I’ll get a straight answer now. It was my dentist that thought TN/ atypical facial pain. The most recent neuro said cluster migraine that was after brushing it aside and assuming I had a ptosis and stuffy nose when actually what I said was my lid shut reflexively when I got the stab of pain and the nose hurt and ear hurt wearing my glasses on my face! I think dentist is apalled that nobodies got there act together. Thanks for the support Arwen.



They both sound separate to me just coincidentally that side as I can’t think of any nerve branch that would cover such an area. It also doesn’t sound like what I know of cluster headaches either with that its supposed to be unilateral and is described as the worst pain known to man people can’t rest with it and will sometimes smash their head against the wall (my migraine specialist had it on info he gave me on chronic migraine) and the lid problem is a ptosis rather than reflex shutting due to ice pick pain. I guess dentist ruled out a dental cause for it? Why am I not surprised at not getting a straight answer though :-(. You had any results back yet? Ax

I sympathise, as I’m going through similar pain myself. I’m having facial pain on the left side, eye, temple, ear, cheek (feels like somebody punched me), teeth and jaw, round to the base of my skull and top of my neck at the back. I was diagnosed with sinusitis and sent home with antibiotics and paracetamol, but after a while I was in so much pain that I called the GP again, got stronger painkillers. When they still didn’t help much, I called the paramedics, twice! The first time they said hospital or try another 24hrs on the painkillers (which I hadn’t had for long). The next time, straight to hospital. I had a CT scan done which showed considerable inflammation on the left of my face but nothing round the back. The doctors couldn’t explain the numb patch on my palet that appeared whilst in hospital, nor the pain at the back of my head as the infection hadn’t spread round there and they attributed the sharp shooting pain on my temple to the sinusitis. It’s been like having a full on migraine…for over a week! I’ve also got a twitchy right eyelid and a sharp, repetative shooting pain on my shin. The latter hasn’t been explained, though I’m on about four different medications. I hope you find some relief, Reemz. Does paracetamol touch the pain?

I had simular pain like your describing. Mine went from left ear into cheek to back of ear, into forehead then down back of neck… was in very severve pain! Never felt pain like it and as a result ended up in a&e!!! Had a very good a&e doc who did all tests which came back clear… apart from having abnormal reflexes… it was him that suggested a referal to neurologist… (With all other problems in have leg pain etc) .

I was prescribed tramadol! Which helped with the pain…

Touch wood not had that pain again…

Had my first nuro appointment and sent for mri… still waiting on results…

But my nuro stated on his initial findings,

an put the pain on left side of my face down to cervical neuralgia…

Hope you get some relif soon

Vickie x

Thank you guys. Feeling a bit better. Paracetmol takes the edge off but it never completely goes with the current symptoms. Withe the original paracetamol did zilch.

Rang the neuro secretary to find out about results and was told I woulc get them at my appointment on the 6th Feb! 1 1/2 months of waiting … grr. I did say don’t I get a letter sent out telling me the results he said he’d ask the neuro bbut not holding my breath.

Good luck with your results Vickie - hope you get some answers.X

Reiki - hope you’re feeling better now.X

Thank you again