face pain

Hello, I have not been on for a long long time, but wondered if anyone who has had neuralgia pain down right side of face, how did it feel for you? i have had shooting pains down my jaw and cheek, really excruciating pain, now it just throbs or like a dull tooth ache, but no problems with teeth, also my ear affected to

Thankyou x

Hi, I had neuralgia on the left side of my face and around my right eye 2 years ago and it comes and goes occassionally. It feels for me like a burning tingling sensation. It is extremely painful to touch. I haven’t had any shooting pains through it though.

Sharon x

You have the dreaded trigeminal neuralgia. It’s a dreadful pain – you have my complete sympathy.

Your GP should be able to prescribe medication that will help.

Tegretol and Gabapentin are two common ones. It may take a little time to get the dosage right and to get over initial side effects but they will give you some relief.


Thankyou, im not dx with ms, but had many symptoms over the years, this is the worst!! had 6 years ago and lasted 6 months .Think im scared it carries on!! sent my neuro dr an email to let her know, she is very good like that, so hopefully get something for the pain. co codimol not helping . feels like ear ache and tooth ace all in one!!??? thanks for messages x