Jaw spasms?

Hi everyone

Well my bout of symptoms seems to be continuing and progressing. I’ve had eyes, teeth checked (If you remember from my last post I had facial pain and stabbing in eye and borring pain in eye). The dentist thought it may be atypical TN but wasn’t 100% sure.

Well over the last few days my jaw is doing weird spasming things. I could just be sat as I am now and suddenly the left of my jaw goes weird and my teeth bang together. It’s really uncomy and disconserting. Not to mention even worse when I have the borring eye and face pain. Has anyone else experienced jaw problems - is this part of TN or something else?

Thank you



I don’t think it’s TN as the “N” basically means sharp, electric shock-like pain, but the trigeminal nerve does have motor as well as sensory branches so a problem on that nerve could cause pretty much anything (including spasms). So “damage to the trigeminal nerve causing motor symptoms and neuralgia”?

Karen x

Thanks Karen. I think this is why the dentist wasn’t sure like you he said TN is usually a sharp electric shock pain - I think this is what I have experienced bouts of in my eye as when it happens its so painful my eyelid shuts but I now have a mild face ache as well as the borring after the last episode of that. When the sharp sensation happen it could be 20-30 in quick sucession over a short space and then nothing. My tongue on that half has gone numb and the temperature sense has gone funny too - this happened when I had my first episode and went back to normal. I kept burning my tongue last time!

Neuralgia and motor symptoms seems like a good explanation - I hadn’t thought of it in that way. Thanks again Karen. I think it’s time I emailed the neuro secretary again and see what can be done.



Definitely - all of those things are related to the trigeminal nerve - sounds like a very specific attack. Good luck with the secretary. Kx

Thanks Karen. I suspected TN with other stuff- when I had my first episode back in Oct but the neuro just didn’t say anything. My neuro’s a bit of a * to put it lightly. Fingers crossed I manage to get seen by them. I’m almost contemplating going for a second opinion if I don’t get anywhere with the neuro this time.