Face spasm?

Hello all.

I hope the day finds you all ok.

Bit of a strange one this. Not dx - waiting for neuro appt. I have been getting what I can only describe as a spasm in my face. It can be either side and what happens is suddenly the side of my face will cramp up very quickly and then gradually relax. The whole episode may only last 5-10 seconds max with the initial cramping in the 1st second and the relaxing of the muscles taking the rest of the time. Its not painful as such, just uncomfortable. It has woken me up on a couple of occasions. In fairness, it doesn’t happen that often but I was wondering if anyone else gets this. Not sure if I should bother my doc about it or not.

I also have trigeminal neuralgia in the V1 branch. Have no idea if the two are connected…

Thanking you all in advance

Angela xx

I’ve not had it, but I’m sure others probably have. The trigeminal nerve also carries motor signals to the face, which means it can cause problems with facial muscles and therefore, I think, could well be related to your TN. This link might tell you more:

Karen x

Once again, the Oracle has come up with the goods (that’s you btw Rizzo) :wink:

Only one small problem - I don’t get it. lol. Armed with a dictionary, wiki and even your sticky, I waded into the article for the 3rd time and desipte all that, it still went mostly above my head. However, saying that, I do think I managed to understand the specific bit you were leading me to (The paragraph about the Motor Branches of the Trigeminal Nerve)? So thanks for replying and for now, I will take your word for it. lol.


Angela xx

I may pop the post on EL too. Hopefully they won’t mind. See if anyone understands what I mean.