May 2011 I had an episode of stabbing pain in my L eye which was excrutiating - my L lid would shut in rexlex with the stab. I also had some pain down my nose4 on the L and my ear hurt wearing my glasses. The stabs occured over a few hours about 20-30. This then settled down to generalised borring in the L eye and then a jaw spasm. I ended up on soup for a few weeks. At the time the neuro never gacve me a straight answer as to what was happening though my dentist thought TN or atypical facial pain. Later MS specialist thought cluster headache though he did misinterpret reflex closing as ptosis and painful nose as stuffy! I had odd episodes of facial pain on the same side since but less intense.

Now over the last week or so the L of my neck is painful and this extends up to my head. I have a similar sensation of pain on my ear wearing my glasses and running down my nose with burning/stinging pain in my L eye. (eyes are fine been checked). Does this sound like occipital neuralgia? I don’t know whether this was what I experienced before - it doesn’t feel comepletely the same as I had no neck pain and no jaw spasm now. Just thought I’d post here for your guys opinion.

PS: I’m not officially diagnosed but neuro symptoms for over 2 years and I am under an MS specialist who thinks it’s MS but lesions are hnon-specific. I’ve just had a whole battery of neuro tests done a month ago and waiting now for the results.

Thank you