Occipital Neuralagia

Afternoon all,

Has anyone else suffered from ON? I’ve been having horrible neck pain radiating up and ending up behind my eyes. My shoulders get tight too.

I suspected it was training related but the occurrences, while intermittent, have been too random for that as I train 4 days a week.

I just wondered how common this was with people?

P.S. sorry for all the symptom posts recently. Until 9-12 months ago, I only had fatigue and weird sensations in left lower leg, so a lot of things I’m experiencing now are new to me.

hi, i don’t know if this helps but I have had Optic Neuritis twice which is abbreviated to ON… both episodes were different, but both were pain in the eye only, on movement, and with visual impairment that improved over a few weeks/months. The first episode was pre MS diagnosis and the second was after. The second time I was treated with Steroids which sped up the recovery. My only other symptoms are weird sensory things like numbness, restless legs, feeling a non-existent vibrating phone at various places on my body, and the feeling of scalding water on my arms and legs. i’ve never had the sort of pain you describe… I hope that helps a little… xx

This started affecting my eyesight last night, blurry round edges but clearer in the middle.Woke up this morning with eye pain and sore neck but shoulders feel a bit more relaxed.

Dear mrschicca, I have something that I think is very similar to what you are suffering. About 7 weeks ago, I started a relapse. My face went numb and my left eye doesn’t move properly giving me double vision. Together with this I have pain that goes from shoulders to neck and temples and eye sockets. Things are improving slightly now. Doc gave me codeine for the pain, but I am finding paracetamol helps just as well. Neither do much for it. I just thought id reply so you know someone else has something similar. Hope you improve soon. Dave

I don’t have a numb face although my nose goes numb sometimes. I have a strange thing in my right cheek that feels like something moving right under the skin, makes my eyelids ache sometimes.

I’m so confused today, as I’m having intermittent visual problems, as to whether it’s Occipital Neuralgia or Optic Neuritis.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

GP reckons it’s rheumatism in my neck. He’s made a note of it and other new symptoms, and yes pushing forward the next review with neuro.