nettle stings

Hi everyone, my latest flare-up is posing a real problem. I keep getting sensations in my hands, arms, legs, feet and (strangely) just a small patch on my left side, like I’m being stung by nettles. It’s very uncomfortable to say the least and often becomes quite painful. Has anybody else ever had this? I take gabapentin and Baclofen aa well as other medication. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks xx Julie xx

Hi Julie

I have had this in the past, the gp said it is ulticaria and for me, it usually happens when I have an infection, they give me antihistamines and it normally clears. I usually notice it first on my hands, left alone and I get covered, and yes it does go from annoying to painful.

Maybe best to have a word with either ms nurse or gp. Hope it clears soon for you