Feeling a bit fed up now. Brief history, had a range of symptoms from last year and a bad patch in February; tingling, pelvic numbness, very sore left calf, dropping things, painful heels, pains in head etc… No balance issues or eye problems apart from floaters. Referred to Neuro, as all tests normal said was probably a virus and carpal tunnel but doc could give neuro modulatory drug to ease symptoms. Doc put me on Pregabalin 75mg twice a day after trying Gabapentin which made me feel very odd and down. I have had a good couple of weeks apart from the persistant tight left calf, but now have a band of pain behind my thigh, tingling toes and I’ve broken out in hives. This is all on left side. I’m due to go back to docs end of June, but am thinking of just insisting on an MRI. Docs view is that my symptoms are random and not persistant enough - same as Neuros… I don’t understand how I can be given treatment without any investigations being carried out either. Anyway, don’t think I’m asking a specific question, just sharing thoughts :-(. Feeling quite fed up and sore, not to mention the big blotches itching like crazy. I assume thats just part of an autoimmune problem too. Blood tests say I’m as fit as a flea, doesn’t feel like that to me! This stuff sucks, PG x

Yep, I’ve got hives. It’s bad on my legs when I’ve shaved them, so I plaster moisturiser on my legs after. If they still pop up, it’s on with the Germolene, works a treat for me. Hope you get sorted soon xx

Thanks Beverly, popping up is a good description . They do literally “pop up” one by one with an hour or two in between. Thought they were gnat bites last year, though even itchier I think (this is my 3rd lot to date). My latest one is on my throat, so nice and visible…

Ah well, I’ve had one of those days today - chucked the salad on the floor, played bounce the tomato and dropped numerous bits of cutlery… |I can pick them up, but lose grip of them immediately. If I concentrate and try to show my hubby though, I can keep hold of them fine, typical.

Still got painful clingfilm leg, so hobbling around, but count myself lucky as I know most on here are a lot worse than me, take care all.

PG x

I am so tired today, had to cancel work as I just feel I need to sit or lie down (my job is quite physical). My legs feel really weak. I’ve never had this before, it’s awful when I’m used to rushing around :frowning: x

Right, this is your body telling you to STOP. It sounds like a relapse so you really need to rest. And I don’t mean have an afternoon off, you’ve got to literally do nothing. Now, if you can ( I don’t know your situation) you need to have a day or two to just totally rest. I don’t know if you’ve got people around you to help this happen. When I have a relapse coming on that what I have to do. I call these ‘forced rest periods’ :slight_smile: whatever it is you have, your body is telling you to rest up. Xxxxx

Thanks, you are right. I’m self employed, so difficult to take time off as no pay/risk of losing customers, but I will if I have to :-. See what happens tomorrow… I have a good hubby and close family, so well supported - though not discussed symptoms with friends as yet. Night all x

Yep, I get that too. I was self employed as a hairdresser. I was gutted when I couldn’t go back to work as I’d lose all my customers that I enjoyed seeing, and worked hard to get etc. but at the end of the day, your health is more important love xxxx hope you feel better soon xx