Nerve Conduction testing

Hi All. I had NCT on Monday gone.

I’ve had it before, with the same man but back in 1998 in a different hospital (which was knocked down) and then he had done my shoulder which was damaged by a C5/C6 issue which had been resolved in 1992 but left my left shoulder under supplied with nerves.

So, we had a chat about the intervening 13 years and then on to business. After I had told him about it all, he did ask why I was there. Well, so had I, really.

Anyway, he did the tests, all of them, apart from my shoulder which he already knew about at it was only going to be worse but not much different. Not the most pleasant thing having needles stuck in you and electrical shocks administered in a warm room but hey, hoops to jump through, eh?

Noting wrong with me. At all. Left ankle a bit limited but it’s been rebuilt twice so that’s not exactly unexpected, the 2nd time was a full osteotomy so my leg was frankly sawn in half and if that won’t upset the nerve pathways I don’t know what will.

So, my neck isn’t causing my symptoms OFFICIALLY now. One more tick. And means that idiot Thatcher’s child of a neuro’s acolyte won’t send me back to the surgeon (who did the C5/C6 cos he’s in that hospital too!) as he had suggested. Won’t help his opinion that it’s all stress based, though. Honestly!

Took me over 2 hrs to get there (by three buses) and over two hrs to get home again (another three buses) and I’d had to rebook the appt. so i could have it at lunchtime so be back to fetch the kids from school. So waited an extra 10 weeks for my appt. Taxi costs £40 each way! I’ve had to do that with all my appts or book them on Saturdays or in the school holidays so I can take them with me (rolls eyes). Stress? lol.